Denmark has announced a new green tax on air passengers starting in 2025. The tax aims to reduce carbon emissions and is a key part of Denmark's climate action strategy.

Denmark Sets Green Tax on Air Travel for Eco-Friendly Shift by 2025
(Photo : Erich Westendarp from Pixabay)

Denmark Sets Green Tax on Air Travel for 2025

Denmark has announced a new green tax on air travel, set to take effect in 2025. The Danish government aims to encourage more environmentally friendly travel and reduce carbon emissions from the aviation sector.

According to DD News, the tax will vary depending on the flight's destination. Short-haul flights will see a lower tax, while long-haul flights will be taxed higher. The goal is to make air travel more sustainable and to fund research and development for greener aviation technologies.

Denmark's government has also proposed that all domestic flights should be operating on 100% sustainable fuels by 2030. This ambitious plan highlights Denmark's commitment to being a leader in environmental sustainability and reducing its carbon footprint.

The tax is part of a broader strategy by Denmark to tackle climate change. The country has set significant goals to reduce carbon emissions and transition to renewable energy sources. The introduction of the green tax on air travel is a critical step in this direction.

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Passengers flying from Denmark must consider this tax when planning their travels from 2025. While some travelers might see this as an added expense, the Danish government believes protecting the environment and promoting sustainable practices in the aviation industry is necessary.

Regarding prices, The Local revealed that starting in 2025, passengers flying from Denmark will pay extra, depending on their destination. For short European flights, the tax will be 30 kroner in 2025 and 50 kroner in 2030. Medium-distance flights, like to the USA or parts of Africa, will cost 250 kroner in 2025 and rise to 310 kroner in 2030. Long-distance flights will start at 300 kroner in 2025 and reach 410 kroner in 2030. 

This move by Denmark is aimed at decreasing domestic flights and funding green initiatives.

New Flight Routes from Denmark Set to Soar in 2024

In 2024, Denmark is set to see a significant expansion in flight options as airlines like Norwegian, airBaltic, and Ryanair introduce new routes and services. This update brings exciting travel opportunities for those departing from Danish airports.

Norwegian Airlines is leading the way by launching 40 new routes, including nine from Denmark. Another report from The Local stated that starting June 3, Aalborg will have two weekly flights to Nice, France. From late March to early May, Aarhus Airport will see new routes to Alicante, Malaga, and Mallorca, Spain. Billund Airport will offer flights to Malaga, Alicante, Mallorca, and Stockholm with varying schedules starting in April.

With new routes to several European cities, Copenhagen will benefit significantly, including Milan/Bergamo, Basel, Bilbao, Bari, Tivat, Toulouse, Valencia, Wroclaw, and Zadar. These routes will be available from early April to late June, with different frequencies.

AirBaltic is introducing a route connecting Billund to Gran Canaria starting Dec. 1 This service caters to winter vacationers and will operate twice weekly until March 29, 2024, followed by a weekly flight in April.

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