While countless people enjoy snow when it finally falls during winter, there are times that it can pose problems and delays. Such is the case in Munich on Saturday, which saw snow affect transportation in the city. 

Heavy snowfall turned out to the be a problem for the airport in Munich as around 760 flights were cancelled Saturday, December 2, because of it. 

According to CNN, it has been reported by Bavarian public broadcaster Bayerischer Rundfunk that "the 44 centimeters of snow in Munich was the most snowfall ever recorded in December in the Bavarian state capital since records began in 1933."

Heavy Snowfall Cancels More Than 700 Flights in Munich
(Photo : Matias Luge on Unsplash)

Train, Bus Operations Suspended Due to Heavy Snowfall

Flights are not the only ones affected by the heavy snowfall that Munich is experiencing. Certain train services have been suspended due to heavy snowfall. This is also the case with bus and tram services in the city. 

Long-distance services of Deutsche Bahn have been completely suspended. The central train station, on the other hand, only suspended arrivals. 

Deutsche Bahn anticipates that impacts on train services can be experienced until Monday. Those who plan on taking these modes of transportation in the coming days are advise to check for suspensions first before leaving their homes. 

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Residents Told to Stay at Home

The CNN report notes that residents in some places in Bavaria have been told not to leave their homes in order to avoid risks of accidents. Residents in Munich have also been told by authorities to avoid using their cars. 

As heavy snowfall in the region continues, the public is advised to heed these reminders and warnings for their own safety. 

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