Bird watching is an activity that many nature lovers enjoy, but it is not something that can be easily done in the city. In fact, it always better to discover and observe birds in their natural habitat where they can freely fly and roam. 

So if you happen to enjoy bird watching, here's a must-visit place should you ever be interested to visit Zimbabwe: Antelope Park!

What exactly makes Antelope Park, which is located in Gweru, a paradise for bird watching enthusiasts? Read on and find out!

Why Bird Watchers Should Visit Antelope Park

The reason why Antelope Park is a must-visit destination for anyone into bird watching is because it is home to 190 bird species. Yes, you read that right!

Those interested to go bird watching will be accompanied by an experienced guide from the park. A bird checklist will also be provided so that guests can easily keep track of the birds they spotted. 

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Bird Species Found in Antelope Park

To  give you an idea about the birds that call Antelope Park home, here are some of the bird species that can be spotted there. 

African Fish Eagles

Lappet-faced Vultures

Lesser Jacana

Southern Masked Weaver

White-backed Vulture

Other Activities in Antelope Park

If bird watching is not really your thing, that's alright! Antelope Park has much more to offer aside from bird watching. Among the other activities that can be enjoyed at the park are lion feeding, canoeing (a seasonal activity), and the game drive, which can also be done at sunset. 

Guests can also go for a walk with elephants and interact with them as well. 

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