As you immerse yourself in Rome's vast cultural resources, embrace the treasures that await you in the surrounding region of Lazio. Lazio is rich in biological and cultural diversity, with many wonderful experiences to enjoy. With Rome as your core hub, you'll have the ideal starting point for unforgettable day adventures. Lazio has everything, from archaeological wonders to majestic mountains, Borghi, and the Tyrrhenian Sea.

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1. Cascata delle Marmore

Prepare to be captivated by the spectacular Cascata delle Marmore, an awe-inspiring tribute to ancient Roman creativity and brilliance. This massive man-made waterfall is a must-see, enthralling visitors with three sections of flowing magnificence. It is a monument to the ancient Romans' ingenuity, standing at an astonishing height of 165 metres.

Cascata delle Marmore was built to divert water from a marshy wetland to the flowing Nera River below to control the spread of diseases, most likely malaria. While much of the water that previously flowed through the ancient Roman canals has since been diverted for hydroelectric power, the falls still provide a stunning display of water in motion.

Cascata delle Marmore is a two-hour drive northeast of Rome and is easily accessible by car, bus or train. Prepare to be enthralled as you immerse yourself in the wonders of this ancient architectural marvel, surrounded by nature's pure majesty and power.

2. Gardens of Bomarzo

Bomarzo, often known as the "park of monsters," is a remarkable work of archaeological art, with a mesmerising collection of frightening sculptures meticulously carved into the bedrock of the ground it inhabits.

As you go through the Gardens of Bomarzo, you will be welcomed by many monumental sculptures and architectural marvels that merge with the surrounding natural splendour. Pier Francesco Orsini commissioned this unique installation as a shrine to honour his beloved wife, Guilia, reflecting his great grief and creating an environment to astonish and amaze those who visit.

To go to this wonderful place, take a train from Rome, and you'll be immersed in the enthralling world of Bomarzo in about 55 minutes. 

3. Calcata 

Take a picturesque car ride just over an hour from the heart of Rome, and you'll find yourself in the charming town of Calcata. This small hamlet, nestled atop a cliff in the province of Viterbo which overlooks the scenic Treja Valley, has a rich history predating even ancient Rome.

Calcata's appearance resembles a mediaeval fortification, with separate dwellings lining the cliffside, meticulously interwoven to make a coherent whole. The Italian government declared Calcata dangerous in the 1930s due to concerns about the stability of the volcanic cliffs on which it sits. Residents were evacuated and relocated to safer regions. However, a spectacular revival occurred in the 1960s, when artists and free spirits flocked to Calcata, transforming it into a bustling artist community.

Calcata is now recognised as one of the world's most distinctive and beautiful artist communities, enticing visitors with its spectacular views and enthralling atmosphere. While the views alone are worth the trip, take advantage of the delights of traditional and gourmet cuisine served by local enterprises and the vibrant art galleries dotting the town's lovely streets.

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