Entrepreneurship presents a variety of challenges before those who are brave enough to walk the path. One of the hardest things to do as an entrepreneur is to say NO. Whether it's accepting a new assignment or project or working with a new client, knowing when to let go is integral to success. Derek Moneyberg is a leading wealth coach and is no stranger to this concept. He is extremely particular about the clients he chooses to take on. For Derek, it is essential that his clients and he are on the same page.

The power of working with like-minded people

Moneyberg's working method is very different because he started coaching after leading successful business ventures for 33 years! So his knowledge of what works and what doesn't is from raw experience, not books. He didn't even plan on going into coaching at all; it organically happened once people began to hound him for advice. "Unlike other coaches, I wasn't desperate for revenue, and that's why I could be selective with who I worked with," explains Moneyberg. "This opened the door for me to work with winners and share my no-nonsense approach." His coaching business is constructed on the foundation that his clients are in business to earn seven digits, and if they aren't up to the challenge, he will turn them away. Moneyberg knows he can help people solve their financial problems, provided they are ready to have their own skin. "I want my clients to win, and they could see it," he says.

Desperate times, desperate measures...not for Derek

Unlike many people who are so desperate for revenue and profits, they will partner with just about anyone. Moneyberg is already wealthy from his previous successful businesses and substantial investments. "Being selective about clients has allowed me to focus on people who are serious and motivated to earn their maximum wage instead of the minimum or some mediocre wage," expresses Moneyberg.

The number of prospective clients who sign up for his services is vast. So Moneyberg only selects those he believes 'will' execute on his instruction and make the most out of his time, tools, support, and guidance. This makes it easy for Moneyberg to be more personally invested in the success of his clients. 'I love to be more involved in their lives and their triumphs, and I have several repeat clients and word-of-mouth recommendations,' says Moneyberg. 'I don't take the wrong money, because I know it would cost me my happiness and my other clients their results. Everyone's trying to be somebody else today, but I know who I am and exactly who is supposed to work with me, and they tend to do quite well.' And that's how your approach should be in life if you want to be successful.

So instead of cutting somebody some slack all the time, it's better to cut that burden off your back. A person who doesn't want to go out there and do something worthwhile will only drag you down to the pit. It's like getting rid of the weeds so that your garden can flourish. Wealth coach Derek Moneyberg also surrounds himself with such like-minded, willing souls in his mastermind who are ready to go all in to win. Champions who are not unlike Moneyberg himself. And it works, always.