When it comes to travel many of us are brought up to believe that only the rich can travel the world, but that's a common misconception. Just because you don't have hundreds of thousands in the bank to be able to hire a private jet, there are ways in which you are able to travel the world and still not need to have a particularly healthy bank balance. 

There are things you can do to prepare for your travels and there are things that you can do during your travel time, that will help you embrace your new adventures and not end up bankrupt in the process. Making sure that you are secure financially is, of course, essential, as you don't want to find yourself in a difficult situation in a country that isn't your home, but here are some ideas on how you can travel the globe, enjoy it and not worry about finances too much.


It may sound easy to become a travel blogger, but there are many travel blogs out there and standing out from the crowd can be difficult. However, there are many resources online that will help you discover exactly what you need to do to ensure that you are able to gain traffic, become popular, and obtain regular readers. You can even look at a travel blogger like the one linked for inspiration on how to style your blog and what topics to post. Being open and honest on your blog, and sharing everything in detail when it comes to your travels, can be key to success here. It does take a little bit of effort before you will make any money from it. 

You will need to have a domain name for a start and fill your blog with interesting and engaging content before you can receive enough traffic to become profitable. Many bloggers find themselves in a situation that means they are putting in more effort than it is worth to start with, but once you get over the initial difficult patch, realise how much fun and how many opportunities it can bring to you, and ensure that you are happy with how your blog is running, you should be able to blog from all of your different travel destinations once you become a fully-fledged travel blogger. 

Over time you will find that people will use your site for useful information when it comes to travel, especially if you have readers that will follow you and your journey. Using social media to boost your traffic and ensure that you are receiving good feedback is also a wonderful idea to get your blog kickstarted. It has been done many times before, however, if you follow all of the advice available, and work really hard, you should find you get results before long. This can bring a valuable income that can pay for your travels and adventures along the way.


Savings can work in two different ways, you can save money on your purchases, or you can put money to one side into a savings account. The former means that you are going to have more money to put into a savings account, and many people forget that you don't have to pay the first price that you see for anything that you would like to purchase. When it comes to travel accessories, there are many discount sites and places holding sales that can help you with items such as sleeping bags and tents. If you are really sensible and keep to a very tight budget, you may find that you have a relatively healthy amount in your savings to be able to start your travels and be comfortable for a good while. 

Digital work

Even though blogging is a great idea to earn money and keep you on your travels, they are also various other types of work that you can do from a laptop, which you can take with you on your travels and earn as you go. The term "digital nomad" is reserved for people who are able to work but travel at the same time. Some types of digital work include social media management, writing, and journalistic roles. These tend to be more on a freelance basis, and some people are more successful than others at it, yet there is always an opportunity out there for you to earn money as long as you have a connection to the Internet. 

Thousands of people are uploading their work on a weekly basis getting paid, and then enjoying the culture of their travel destinations all at the same time. It sounds like the ultimate goal for anyone who enjoys travelling, but getting the balance right is essential, and not always easy. It can be easy to get distracted when you are in a beautiful city, with many things to experience. If you can tie that into your work, and write about it then it's a win-win situation.


One way in which you can earn money as you travel is to sell photography since you are going to be seeing all sorts of different sites and landscapes anyway. Brushing up on your photography skills, capturing these beautiful sites, and either selling prints or selling usage rights to individuals and companies can help you earn enough money to be able to progress and move on to your next adventure. If you find a good following of people either on Instagram or Tik Tok for example you may find you have a lot more opportunities coming your way than ever before. 

All you need to do is make everything aesthetically pleasing, and use your creativity to come up with stories, and share details about your adventures. You could even help other people learn how to produce work like this, at the same time, and people will be grateful for it. Making sure that you are as skilled as possible in this area before you get on an aeroplane is a good idea and a great way of preparing for the adventures ahead. 

House Sitting

There are many ways in which you are able to find accommodation for a very low cost, but a more recent option has been Airbnb and house sitting. Many people will need house sitters, and it works out much better for pets and other responsibilities, if somebody keeps tabs on the home whilst they are away. Many people have been able to travel the world for years at a time using this method. There are conditions to meet of course, and precautions to take, but people are now more open to allowing people to use their homes, and it can be a great exchange of energy for somebody that needs accommodation whilst travelling. Air BnBs are also quite often a very low-cost option, providing you are flexible and willing to share space with other people.

So if travel is something that you are keen on, but you don't think you have enough money to do it, look into these options and see what ways you are able to make it work for you. There is always away if you are willing to be flexible and work hard. You can read all about other people's experiences through travel blogs, budgeting write-ups and Vlogs online, to get you inspired and on the right path.