2020 has been a rough year for all of us. We cannot do the usual things that we do because of the pandemic. Even on the Thanksgiving holiday, we need to make some adjustments to keep ourselves safe from the virus. Since traveling is restricted this year, we need to crash out outdoor Thanksgiving activities on our list and find other fun things that can be done at home.

This might sound unbelievable to you because we're so used to enjoying the outdoors, but there are many fun indoor activities that we can enjoy during the holiday at home. On Thanksgiving day this year, you may want to enjoy this delightful and entertaining list of activities with your family:

Prepare A Banquet Of Delicious Food

It's another time of the year to fill our table with lots and lots of food. Aside from the pleasant and delicious tasting ceremony where we get to eat what's on the table, we can also enjoy the process of preparing them. Food preparation is more delightful and enjoyable when we get to share the task with our loved ones. 

You may gather all your family members, including your children, if you want, around the kitchen, and devise a doable food preparation plan. Make them suggest a list of meals and desserts that they would want to have on Thanksgiving. Then, let them choose which ones they would want to prepare. In that way, all will take part in the preparation.

To give you an idea of which desserts are the best to have on Thanksgiving, you may want to try to prepare this chocolate swirl spiced pumpkin bread recipe. This dessert only needs cinnamon, all-purpose flour, pumpkin pie sauce, salt, baking soda, pumpkin puree, eggs, vegetable oil, applesauce, and melted chocolate chips to make.

Give Thanks

Before burying your faces and indulging your stomachs with the food you prepared on the table, remember to express your gratitude for the positive and favorable things within the year. You may choose to take turns in expressing your thanks verbally, or you may choose to make gratitude cards to make it more sentimental instead.

Play Thanksgiving Games

Thanksgiving holiday is also the time of the year to unleash the inner child in you and make up for the time that you were busy with the kids. Gather around the sofa in your living room and play games with them. There are numerous Thanksgiving games that you may want to try playing at home. And some of them includes:

Thankful Alphabet Game

The mechanics of this game is simple and easy to follow. Each family member should gather in a circle or sit at the table while having dinner and say a word that they are thankful for. The first person should say a word that starts with the letter A, followed by the second person with B, and so on until you all reach the letter Z.

Gratitude Game

You only need pick-up sticks with different colors on this game. The mechanic follows the same rules with the pick-up stick game, but the twist is that each color you pick represents something you are grateful for. For instance, if you pick up a green stick and it represents, "Name a person you are thankful for," you must state who that person is.

Face The Pie

The messier the game, the more enjoyable it is. This game requires you to find candy letters in their flour or whipped-cream filled plate. The person who forms a word from the collected candies wins this game.

Be Crafty

Bring out the crafty artist in you by making some cute and funny-looking decorations for Thanksgiving. Prepare your scissors, colored papers, colored pens, glue, and other crafting materials, and create some funny-looking and cute decorations for your home on Thanksgiving. 

You may also make some gratitude cards for your loved ones or make colorful props for the Thanksgiving game. Also, if you're up for messing around with your things, you may add some design to your socks and sweaters. Be as artistic and crafty as possible but don't forget to enjoy the process of doing it.

Thanksgiving Movie Marathon

You may end the night intimately by doing a Thanksgiving movie marathon with your family. Prepare your popcorn and make yourself comfortable in the place. It would be best if you make a list of the movies that you want to watch and write each of them on a piece of paper. Put these papers in a jar and when you all decide to settle down, pick one to determine which one to watch.


We can still enjoy and celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday, despite the travel restrictions because of the pandemic. The Thanksgiving activities mentioned are open for a twist, and it is up to you on how to make it more enjoyable and memorable. This year may have been a tough one, but there are still many good things to give thanks for. Let us focus on these good things to make us feel the essence of Thanksgiving.