Chicago, the biggest city in the Midwest, is a humble urban hub to live in, especially if you find New York City and Los Angeles costly and oversaturated. Commonly known as the Windy City, many people choose the affordability of living in Chicago with a combination of good jobs, a comprehensive transport system, and diversity. Plus, it offers multiple attractions making it a suitable location to relieve yourself of the summer heat.

If you wish to relocate or travel to Chicago, you can use a guide that will be useful in helping you maneuver through the city without seeming like a foreigner. Below is a rundown of the primary things you need to know about living in Chicago. 

Their neighborhoods define Chicago residents. 

Note that Chicago has nine districts with 77 well-defined neighborhoods. Each of the neighborhoods has its culture, personality, and attractions, so consider where you want to live before relocating to Chicago. The neighborhoods include:

  • There is the North, which is youthful and exciting, with many activities to indulge from games to shopping and music.

  • The West that offers a more broad style with ethnic restaurants, eye-catching statues, and churches. 

  • The south is diverse and offers a wide array of cultural and social activities. You will enjoy seeing monuments, museums and eating authentic cuisines.

  • There is 

  • Downtown-that hosts most of the tourist attractions and shopping centers.

Chicago is rooted deeply in the neighborhoods, with the residents remaining loyal to their areas.

The cost of living

Living in Chicago for the average person is roughly around $3,400 to $929, and it is much lower than living in New York City, with an estimated 15%. Expect to pay state and local sales tax, including in groceries and restaurants. Public transportation is cheap and convenient, so do not worry if you don't own a two-wheel, and you can also cycle around the city. 


Lately, the real estate market in Chicago favors home buyers more than the sellers, with most of the prices leveling off and properties selling and renting at a reasonable rate. Neighborhoods such as Chatham, Pilsen, and Hyde Park are popular with home seekers, with their houses selling fast. Anderson Ville, Lakeview, Kenwood, and Rodgers Park are neighborhoods with a broader shopping scene and restaurants.

Be prepared for Chicago weather.

Chicago experiences freezing winters that will further influence your wardrobe, commute life, and activities. Winters get extremely cold that some have influenced schools' closure to protect the kids from the snowing days. Always have layers of warm clothing during the season, carry winter essentials such as shovels and a snow brush in your vehicle all the time. Another thing, embrace the weather and do not whine about it, especially with the locals-they are tired of such monologues.

The Chicago summers witness the people's full force where everyone comes out of hibernation with neighborhoods celebrating their culture with music, food, and drinks. It is time to explore.

Commuting in Chicago

When it comes to commuting, you have a lot of options in Chicago. The Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) will take you anywhere in the city. Remember, like most cities, there are rush hours from around 6 am to 10 am and 3 pm to 8 pm. You can use buses, cabs, the Pedway-the downtown pedestrian walkway, or opt for the bike. The city is cycling-friendly. 

Chicago lifestyle

There is everything for everyone in Chicago. Form music to parties, concerts, festivals, kids parks, gym and yoga, clubs and nightspots, beaches, etc., you will enjoy various activities. Visitors like to flock the city during the summer, enjoying the multiple parks, beaches, tourist attractions, monuments, and cultural festivals. 

There are beaches

Even though Lake Michigan is not an ocean, it offers an excellent ocean feel. You will embrace several beaches in Chicago, including North Avenue beach, Montrose beach, 31st street beach, and Oak street beach.

The takeaway

Many people who choose to move into Chicago easily fall in love with the city. Whether you are relocating for business, work, school, or family, you will quickly make new friends and learn more about the city.