Although superyachts are the ideal way to experience exotic cities in far-flung areas of the world, sometimes a bit of downtime is important. Fortunately, these impressive vessels are well-equipped enough to entertain in their own right. Superyachts offer so much more than alfresco dining and incredible opportunities for stargazing - any yacht worth its salt will contain facilities for guests to either relax in comfort or get their blood pumping. Whether you're exhausted after a long day of exploring coastal towns or wanting to experience more of the ocean, in this blog we list a few great activities that you can do from a superyacht to help inspire you to get out there and experience all that these vessels have to offer. 

Facilities to completely satisfy your wants

Deciding what facilities you want in a superyacht is simple with a digital chartering platform like Ahoy Club - if you feel the need to work up a sweat in-between luxurious dinners, it would serve you well to charter a superyacht with a fully equipped gymnasium. If you don't feel like getting too active, you can always just use the accompanying facilities, like the spa or sauna, for relaxing. If you're more in the mood for catching up on the latest films (perhaps even those being released in the country you're closest to), make sure to find a superyacht fitted out with a theatre, or at the very least one containing a film library. But if you can't tear yourself away from the scenery, there are still options for you. Not having time to absorb every beautiful location you come across is one of the hardest things about travelling on a superyacht, but thankfully, there's a simple activity you can take up to compensation for this - photography, provided you're sufficiently equipped with zoom lenses, will allow you to capture port cities and small tropical islands as you pass, giving you valuable and exciting images to closely observe later.

Having fun with water toys

What would be the point of being out at sea if you didn't make the most of the water? Fortunately, superyachts represent the perfect outlet for an adrenaline junky charterers need for speed as many contain garages full of sophisticated water toys, such as WaveRunners, jet skis, Seabobs, knee boards and even waterslides. It doesn't all have to be high-octane, though - inflatable water toys are sure to entertain any children on board (plus some adults, no doubt), while available snorkelling gear will give you an incredible view of the coral reefs and beautiful tropical fish hiding under the surface of the water. The huge assortment of toys can be used for games with the family or friends or just to hoon around - or even both! Even if you don't feel like splashing about, sunbathing on an inflatable raft is also a great excuse to experience the ocean - just make sure you tether the raft to the yacht!

Find a superyacht that reflects your needs

Whether you're wanting to explore the depths in a submarine or spend an afternoon sunbaking on the deck, superyachts can offer an impressive range of amazing activities to suit your likes and lifestyle. Just remember, it's important that when you're looking for a yacht to charter that you find one with the facilities that you're likely to use the most, because it's no fun to end up on a yacht without water sports equipment when you love the water!