There are an estimated 2,000 islands around the world. Although not all of them are in tropical locations, there are still a myriad of options for island destinations.

But with so many islands to choose from, how can you decide where to go on your next vacation?

To help you decide, we gathered a list of some of the most breathtaking islands so you can enjoy a piece of paradise.

1. Santorini

One of Greece's many islands is Santorini, and the spectacular views are what has numerous visitors enjoying this area every year, and what makes it one of the most photographed locations in the world.

After enjoying the views, travelers can check out the black sand beach, Ancient Thira, or the Akrotiri Archeological Site. Don't forget to catch an unforgettable sunset while you're there! 

2. St. Lucia

Despite the beauty of St. Lucia's beaches, many visitors are drawn to this Caribbean island for what the land has to offer. 

Here, you can explore coconut palm forests, hike the twin volcanoes, and soak in the hot springs. There are also stunning waterfalls and quaint fishing villages to enjoy while on St. Lucia.

3. Maldives

Not a single island but a series of them, Maldives is known for being the lowest-lying nation in the world. It's highest point rises just ten feet above sea level.

Home to breathtaking aquamarine waters, travelers flock to these islands to surf and snorkel. There are several luxury resorts to choose from so you can vacation in style or look into more modest accommodations.

4. Fiji

One of the most well-known islands of Australia is Fiji, and for good reason. This family-friendly vacation destination is like something out of a dream.

Fiji has white sand beaches, crystal clear waters, and eye-catching coral reefs. It's a popular location for surfing, fishing, snorkeling, and diving. 

5. Bali

One of the best places to soak up the sun in Indonesia is Bali. It features swimming and surfing along the beaches and has something for everyone throughout the rest of the island.

You can pick up souvenirs while shopping in Kuta or get in touch with your spiritual side while visiting Ubud. You can also get food that excites your tastebuds no matter what part of the island you visit.

How to Choose Your Next Vacation

At this point, you may be wondering how you can possibly decide between all of these incredible island destinations.

We recommend talking to experienced travel agents who can help you narrow down your options. They can also help you choose some activities to make your next vacation truly unforgettable.

Find More Island Destinations

Now you have a list of five of the most amazing island destinations that are all perfect locations you can visit for your next vacation. As you can see, getting help from a travel agent can help you pick one. 

If you want to find more incredible islands and other vacation destinations, keep reading our blog. You'll be sure to find something that's perfect for you along with tips and tricks to help you enjoy your travels.