A luxury trip to Paris can be a costly proposition. But as with any other destination, there are two ways to experience luxury travel in Paris-by extravagant spending or by creatively exploiting opportunities to pay less. Most people, irrespective of financial status, will naturally be drawn to a lower price point when it's available if it doesn't come with a substantial deterioration in their experience of an otherwise high-cost product or service.

Of course, while luxury travel is usually characterized by glamour, razzmatazz, butlers, first-class flights and expensive dining, the exact meaning of Paris luxury travel will vary from person to person. Nevertheless, irrespective of how you choose to define luxury travel, there are almost always alternatives at your disposal that ensure you don't have to dig deep into your travel wallet but still allow you to enjoy the principal perks that associated with an ultra-cozy vacation in Paris.

Here are some practical ways to get your luxury dollars going further in Paris.

1.  Timing

You'll get the best luxury accommodation deals if you visit Paris between November and April when rates are at their lowest. Some of the poshest locations and luxury retreats in the City of Love offer additional discounts for guests who book their stay at least a couple of months in advance.

It's not just lower prices. You can land on attractive packages that include meals and other perks that you'd otherwise be billed for separately.

2.  Business Flight

Some all-business boutique airlines like La Compagnie offer excellent deals for business flights to Paris from major cities in Europe and North America. They almost always cost less than what you would pay for a business class seat in a conventional airline.

But if you find it difficult to secure a seat on such boutique airlines, you have an equally attractive alternative-travel agencies. Some agencies have access to business class ticket discounts on large carriers flying to Paris.

3.  Look Beyond Hotels

The cost of luxury hotel accommodation can add up pretty fast if you are traveling as a group with your partner, kids, relatives or friends. Paris luxury hotel rooms are always at the higher end of accommodation expenditure.

Fortunately, you can get near equivalent luxury in a Paris apartment or villa (see examples here: https://www.luxuryretreats.com/s/France/homes) but while paying far less in total for the family or group. You won't be booking a room for each member of the party but will instead benefit from the economies of scale that come with renting a shared apartment. Since the apartment has a kitchen, you can prepare at least some of your meals indoors and reduce the need to eat out all the time.

4.  Eat Smart

Paris is one of the world's most expensive cities. The cost of food is a big part of this and is only compounded further for luxury travelers who'll naturally be drawn to the most high-end eateries in the city. The high tabs don't mean you have to settle for McDonalds or KFC though. Some of the most lavish restaurants in Paris will cost you much less per meal at lunch hour when compared to dinner when traffic is expected to be higher.

To stay on top of your dinner expenditure, go to restaurants in residential neighborhoods where meals that include wine can be as little as $35 per person. And if you want to push your savings even further, especially when the weather is favorable, grab a baguette, pastries, cheese and some wine then head out to one of the city's parks such as Luxembourg Gardens for a filling, out-of-the-box picnic adventure.

5.  Walk

When you think about luxury travel, we envisage being endlessly pampered while steering clear of anything that would cause physical exhaustion. So most people will see taxis and rental cars as a non-negotiable part of luxury travel. But while vehicles may speed up your movement and reduce exertion, they also deprive you from truly experiencing Paris.

There's no better way to appreciate why Paris is a city that's synonymous with romance than walking its streets. Paris is walker-friendly so there are well-designed sidewalks and walking paths everywhere. Walking, however, also dramatically cuts your cost of transportation. For distances where walking is impractical, you could use Paris' inexpensive bike-sharing service or the Metro.

Even if you are visiting for just a day or two, Paris is a magical city that leaves a lifelong imprint in memory. Make your stay memorable by spending only as much as you need to.