For many of us, traveling is a great opportunity to explore new cultures, different ways of life, and exotic locations which seem a million miles away from the hustle and bustle of our day-to-day, working lives.

However, while it is understandable that people use travel and vacations as a way to simply get away from it all, city breaks are both hugely popular and a great opportunity to see some of the incredible urban centers that have developed across the world through the years.

If you're thinking about a getaway in a city, here are a few of our suggestions on some of the most picturesque and iconic skylines you should consider seeing for yourself.

1. New York

Source: Unsplash

The Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building, the One World Trade Center - when it comes to iconic skylines, few cities can match the wonder of New York City. We are all so familiar with the location due to its use in an array of films including the Spider-Man movies and the first Avengers outing, but seeing it with your own eyes is absolutely essential.

2. Tokyo

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Another city immortalized in the movies, Tokyo famously played a leading role in the Scarlett Johansson and Bill Murray hit Lost in Translation. The Japanese capital features a stunning, sprawling mix of incredible structures, from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building to the unique and striking design of the Mode Gakuen Cocoon Tower.

3. Dubai

Source: Unsplash

A truly modern wonder, Dubai's skyline is an incredible sight to behold. Key highlights include the world's tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, and the stunning skyscrapers located on the Dubai Marina. As Bayut explains, the latter area boasts more than 200 residential towers and there are a host of different styles of apartments available, if you ever have the temptation to make your stay a little more permanent, Dubai would be a dream come true.

4. London

Source: Pexels

The history and heritage of London make its skyline a real treat, although in recent times some truly impressive skyscrapers and other buildings have emerged to make their mark. Canary Wharf, The Gherkin, and The Shard are just a few of the modern classics which have to be seen to be believed.

5. Rio de Janeiro

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The vibrant atmosphere of Rio is something we should all experience at some point in our lifetimes, but a chance to gaze at its incredible skyline should not be missed either. Christ the Redeemer, of course, is an imposing presence above the location, while the city sprawl, the beach, and Sugarloaf Mountain make it a truly awe-inspiring sight to see.

Incredible wonders

Heading on a city break is a great opportunity to enjoy world-class attractions and incredible culture, but it is also a chance to admire some truly astounding architectural feats too.

Some of the most iconic cities in the world boast stunning skylines and we hope the suggestions above give you some food for thought as you plan your next vacation or short break abroad. Rest assured that, if you do opt for one of the ideas we have provided, we're pretty certain that you will not be disappointed.