The Caribbean has a lot to offer with its warm waters, sandy shores, and great cocktails. Each country in the Caribbean has its own unique atmosphere, and what could be the perfect destination for someone seeking a high-end resort with beachfront views might not work well for budget travelers who wish to immerse themselves in local culture. The Caribbean not only offers up an amazing escape from cold winter climates but also creates memories to last for a lifetime. It has seen a massive increase in bookings for islands around the region.

Travelers all over the world are going to start swapping American road trips and visits to European fairytale towns for all-inclusive resorts and long walks on the beach.

1. St. Lucia

The mystical mountain terrain characterized by sharp mossy peaks jutting up from the Caribbean Seais breathtaking. It has excellent scuba diving, hiking, and windsurfing opportunities, plus the hot springs and delicious Creole cuisine. St. Lucia is a Caribbean island paradise that combines rugged volcanic mountains, tropical rainforest, and sandy beaches. It strikes a balance between a developed, tourist-friendly island and a rustic destination full of local charm and unspoiled natural landscape.

St. Lucia's beaches are all open to the public. You'll never have to face that terrible realization that the dreamy beach you've spotted is for resort guests only.

2. Antigua

Antigua can be driven around more than a few times in a single day - - you are only ever really 45 minutes away at most from wherever else you need to be. Antigua is all rum punch and bright colours, to local charm and of course - ocean that shade of aquamarine that draws tourists year after year.

The 365 beaches have powder white sand, sapphire clear blue water and palm tress rustling in the light breeze. There is not a single building in Darkwood Beach which is an escape from reality.

3. Martinique

For Martinique, searches for Fort-de-France have increased by 78 percent, Les Trois-Îlets have increased by 68 percent, and Sainte-Luce have jumped 64 percent. It is a captivating combination of deep rainforest, rocky cliffside terrain, Creole-inspired cuisine, and the calmest, clearest water you'll ever encounter.

The French Caribbean island is over 430 square miles of rugged paradise that is best explored by car. It is an ideal location for those looking to do a bit of hiking while on their Caribbean getaway. Go trekking in the north, kayaking in the west, and surfing in the east.

4. Barbados

One image springs to mind: Not the incredible shimmering blue waters or the sugar-white beaches, but a person, Rihanna.

Barbados is lovable with its stunning coral reefs, chilled vibes, and pink and white-sand beaches. It is going to become more popular next year due to an increase in interest of culture, thumping nightlife, energetic festivals and scenery. The Crop Over Festival is a six-week celebration timed to the end of sugar cane season where Barbadians are parading through the streets in beautiful sequined and feathered costumes.

Hurricanes rarely hit Barbados as it is situated on the periphery of most hurricane paths.