There's nothing better than the feeling of waking up at 4 a.m. to head to the airport when you're so excited for vacation. However, with crying babies, snoring seatmates, lack of legroom - the feeling abruptly wears off. Have the people at home wondering how you ever survived a day of leg cramps and dehydration without them.

This list of travel products will make your long days of travel a little bit easier:

1. Kindle Paperwhite

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The new Amazon Kindle Paperwhite is thinner, lighter and now water resistant. Instead of debating which books to bring, you could bring your entire library. This waterproof Kindle Paperwhite is perfect for reading both on crowded trains and sunny beaches, with 24 levels of brightness. You can maximize use because of the long battery life of over a week.

It now has Bluetooth for playing back audiobooks too. The biggest hardware change from the 2015 model is that the display is now flush with the glass, instead of in a recessed alcove.

2. Travel scarf

Travel Scarf
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This travel scarf has a pocket large enough to fit your iPhone+ with room for a passport, keys and some cash. The Travel Scarf by Waypoint Goods is a quality scarf worth the money and the sapphire color is beautiful. It is made from a soft yet durable fabric.

Your belongings are safe and secured in an unexpected location. You don't have to worry about pickpockets. Just unzip your hidden scarf pocket and slip out your cash, cards, or keys.

3. Binchotan eye mask

Binchotan Eye Mask
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It seems like there isn't a single beauty or wellness product that can't benefit from activated charcoal. This charcoal-infused satin mask helps rejuvenate skin, reducing the appearance of tired, puffy eyes. It helps relieve fatigue by easing tension and pressure around the eyes.

It is soft and comfortable. Also, its adjustable band does a great job of blocking out most light. Purposes include for meditation, airplane travel, stress relief, and a good night's sleep.

4. Evan Healy Hydrosol

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According to Evan's philosophy, "The less you interfere with the skin's own ability to achieve balance, the better."

Evan Healy is an all natural plant-based skincare line. The Evan Healy Hydrosol does a great job at providing a quick drink of water for your skin. Apply as often as needed during your length of flight. It is not heavy at all as it is under 3oz, so you can easily pack it. The Lavender Hydrosol works beautifully on dry or tired skin and not just irritated skin.

5. Headphones

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Senior Editor Christine Sarkis recommends SleepPhones as her go-to for comfort. Standard headphones (especially the free ones on planes) get uncomfortable when worn for an extended period. The fleece is thick enough and the speakers thin enough. The battery life is long, the audio quality is good, and the volume has a better range for binge-watching TV shows on your flight and cancelling out noise for some shut eye.

This is perfect for most people who rely upon audiobooks, podcasts, Orca Whale calls, or sleep playlists to fall asleep.