At 13, your kid is probably ready for the big-kid stuff (as much as you want him to stay little forever). He is probably more interested in toys like video games, drones, and more challenging games now that he has passed over the tween years and is now a teenager. Your teen boy is also probably interested in sports, group games, shooting, music, technology, or architecture.

It's especially hard because they're at the age where they want to be, as newly-minted teens... cool.

Here are some of our picks:

1. Doinkit Darts - Kids Magnetic Dart Board 

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The dartboard comes with 6 magnetic darts, 3 blue and 3 orange. The darts each have a flat magnet where the dart tip should be and the shaft is made of a mesh type material with a small funnel shape with no feathers or edges.

2. Altair High Speed Remote Control Truck

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This is perfect for any kid interested in cars and speed. The Altair RC Truck goes as fast as 30 mph. The chassis and bearings won't wear out quickly. This 4×4 will do jumps, flips, and go over just about any surface. It is a hobby-grade RC.

3. Altair Aqua RC Boat

RC Boat
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The Altair Aqua RC Boat can reach speeds of up to 30 km/h with the powerful 390-size brushed motor. Worry no more because it doesn't allow the propeller to turn unless the boat sensors detect that it's in water. Thankfully, the AA Aqua will right itself if ever it flips upside down.

4. Hidden Side Newbury Haunted High School

Haunted High School
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Lab experts love how the Hidden Side collection turns the classic toy into an interactive story because all your kid has to do is build the high school from the ground up, then use his tablet to watch it all come to life.

5. Kindle Fire

Kindle Fire
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These have definitely been the most used gifts we've ever given for a small price tag. Your kid can use Kindle Fire to listen to music, read books, and send emails and he can also access the web and download apps and games. You can even set a bedtime so your 13-year-old teen doesn't stay up all night using it.

6. Basketball (and Other Things): A Collection of Questions Asked, Answered, Illustrate

Shea Serrano serves up the best NBA scenarios with wisdom and wit in this spectacularly illustrated book. Shea does a great job of weaving the hilarious stories of NBA into his 25 questions about the NBA. There are so many entertaining chapters filled with hypotheticals (What if Hakeem and Shaq played that 1 on 1 game) and rankings (The most disrespectful dunks in NBA history).

7. CROSSNET Four Square Volleyball Net

CROSSNET Four Square Volleyball Net
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The 9-square in the air games is super popular with youth. The CROSSNET Four Square Volleyball set is another version of the same game, except with four players. The nets are adjustable from 7 ft which is good for kids.

8. Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch
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Teens can easily switch from playing at home to playing on-the-go with Switch by Nintendo. The battery life should last anywhere from four and half to nine hours.