You have the freedom of the open road, with nowhere to go but onward, whether you are doing a cross country road trip and driving Coast to Coast across the USA, road tripping South Africa's incredible Garden Route, or just taking a few days to explore your own back yard. Road tripping can help you find the hidden gems of the country, only if you bring your road trip essentials with you!

People love the flexibility and being in control of a journey. But people also love packing without bag fees or having to throw away oversized toiletries. What do you pack?

You'll need travel-tested road trip essentials for a successful trip. These road trip essentials will minimize stopsand save you money along the way. Also, they will ensure that your next road adventure is safe, manageable and keep you entertained: from clothing items to handy electronics to games to keep entertained. And planning a road trip doesn't have to be confined to the summer months if you are correctly equipped. 

1. License and registration

Obviously, these are number one on the road trip essentials.

1. Garbage bags

Pack many garbage bags for regular trash and surprise cleanups.

2. Comfortable driving clothes

Nothing is worse than sitting in jeans for hours during your road trip. Instead, invest in some comfortable and stylish leggings or sweatpants.

3. Paper map

Smartphone apps like Google Maps and are great, but you'll eventually lose service in remote places. Get a map with roads, landmarks, and information for an entire region. 

4. Phone holder

Laws on phone use while driving have increased and penalties have become harsher. All you need to do is clip the base of the phone holder to your air vent, pop a magnet in between your phone and case and ta-da, the phone sticks to the base. This is handy for using maps and playing tunes.

5. A copy of your car insurance policy

Bring this along with relevant contact numbers just in case.

6. Spare cash

If you regularly pay with your bank card, there are occasions where cards are not accepted, where there are no ATMs available, and where simple old cash is needed.

7. Backpack

Your backpack should be water-resistant and has plenty of compartments for a portable speaker, games, and other road trip essentials.

8. First Aid Kit

You'll need this for potential injuries. Be sure to choose a first aid kit with needles and 100% buy travel insurance before you leave.

9. Emergen-C

In addition to packing lots of vitamin C rich foods, Emergen-C or an electrolyte drink mix/tablets can be a good substitute for getting enough energy.

10. Snack organizer or cooler

Everybody who's done a road trip knows that your food options are limited to mainly fast food so with a supply of your own snacks, you'll have easy access to cheaper and healthier options.

11. Camera

If your road trip is packed with action-packed adventure, you may also want to bring along an action camera.

We hope you are well-equipped now to enjoy your trip.