Thinking about living abroad, but need a job to have money to continue the ex-pat lifestyle? There are many options for people to work outside the country their citizens to. It is also essential to think about paying and filing income tax at the end of the year in the country one wants to work in. All countries have different policies, so look into that or ask employers about the requirements.

After all of that is figured out, one can start job hunting, which is the fun part! We are going to give options about which jobs are the best for people who want to live abroad! 

Travel Agent 

A perfect job for someone who wants to live outside of their country and loves to travel! If one is outgoing, excited about travel and helping people, and have customer service skills, they can have a career as a travel agent. 

Travel agents create, plan, and organize trips for tourists. The skills required to be a travel agent are to be organized, friendly and knowledgeable about tours. A lot of times, advanced or native English skills are also needed. 

A perk of being a travel agent is that they are usually offered free tours or travel to understand and know the trips they are selling. This is perfect for someone who not only wants to live abroad but experiences the tourist attractions in the area as well. 

Teach English 

Many places around the world need high-quality English teachers. If someone is a native speaker of English, that person is likely to find an English teaching position. 

One must take a month-long course to get TEFL certified to teach English in many schools. The course can be taken onsite or online. 

If one does not want to work at a school or institute, there are a lot of options to work as an online English teacher, and then one can travel to many different places around the world. 

This is also an excellent option for those who cannot find places to sponsor their work visas. They can enter the country as a tourist and stay for the amount of time given, then move to the next place. 

Hostel or Restaurant 

An excellent option for someone who enjoys working in hospitality is working at a hostel or restaurant. Many places take people who are hard-working and are very friendly. 

Hostels can be a fun place to work, especially if it is considered a party hostel. One gets all the benefits of meeting guests who come from all walks of life, and people also make money while at the hostel. 

Restaurants have great perks also because a lot of times, the place offers workers a free meal. Both of these types of jobs are good for people who might not have a degree but are hard workers. 

The Bottom Line 

There are so many ways to make money while living abroad, and these are just a few options to consider. Living abroad can be fun and a once in a lifetime experience!