Packing for a holiday can seem never-ending but there are some key things you should never forget. No matter where you are going, these are some essentials which will always make travel that bit easier. 


Obviously, if you are trying to leave your home country then you are going to need your passport. Nevertheless, you might be shocked to find out how many people leave their passport behind when they travel! You need to make sure that you have enough pages in your passport if you need to get a visa before you travel. Also check the expiry date, as you won't be able to travel if your passport expires while you are away. 


Insurance might seem like one of those expenses you can do without but you never know when a travel insurance policy is actually going to come in handy. From accidents to cancelled flights to medical emergencies, these handy documents can really help to get you out of a sticky situation. Take out a policy as soon as your flights are booked to make sure that you are covered no matter.


In today's modern world, we rely on our phones much more than we think we do. You need to make sure that you are going to be able to use your phone no matter where it is. Don't leave your charging cable behind as you don't want to fork out for a replacement in a foreign place. You should also maybe think about getting a portable charger so you can make sure your phone has power even if a socket is not available for you. 


It always pays to be polite. No matter where you are thinking of travelling to, a phrasebook is going to help you out massively. You don't need to be fluent or even conversational in a language but a few key phrases will always help you out. Make sure that you can thank someone and ask where key things are. The local people will always be far warmer and more polite to you if you are willing to converse with them in their own language.


No matter where you are going, you should think about packing sunscreen. Hot and sunny climates are obviously a given, but there are several destinations which others don't think about. You are still affected by UV rays even on a cloudy day, so you should make sure that you protect yourself no matter where you go. If you are going skiing or to a wintery destination, you also might want to bring sunscreen to protect yourself from sun glare on snow. 

A Scarf

A scarf is one of the single most important garments you could take on holiday, though you might not yet know it. The sheer versatility of the scarf is what makes it so great. If you need to carry extra goodies home from a bazaar or a market, you can quickly fashion a bag. It can also be used as an extra layer if you are a bit chilly, or you might use it as a quick cover-up when entering a holy site. Make sure you pack a scarf in your belongings.

These five items are always going to ease your travel experience. Though some of them might seem superfluous, you might be shocked to find out how much you need them when you forget one. Try to put them aside first when you are planning your next adventure. They will come in handy more times than you could ever imagine.