Enotourism or wine tourism is making a spot in the travel world by storm. Due to this, there's a continuous increase in the market's demand for wine accessories, especially those that are intended for traveling. 

Wine accessories are currently one of the niche products. There are several tools in the market today that are produced to serve and keep wine while traveling. In this article, among many innovative products, we've listed six wine accessories to bring when you're on a trip. 

Bladeless Corkscrew 

Have you heard that you can open a bottle of wine with a shoe? If you do so, that's great! However, it's way more manageable if you'll use a corkscrew. Unfortunately, it can't pass through airport security. While it's not a big problem, others may feel incomplete without it. 

Here's a relevant airport security tip for every wine and travel enthusiast: opt for bladeless corkscrews. The airport security would consider anything that has a blade as contraband, but if it's bladeless agents may not confiscate it at the airport. 

Wine Burlap Bag

Forget about jet bags, wine diaper, or wineskin. You can now travel with your wine bottles in the most fashionable and eco-friendly way with these wine bottle burlap bags. These totes are made from 100% jute fiber, meaning it's high quality, recyclable, and reusable. Plus, it's durable enough to support the weight of the bottles. 

Each bag may include removable bottle dividers that secure bottles from bumping into each other, as well. What's more, the bag's interior is fully laminated. This would protect the bottles from any moist and light that may spoil the wine. 

Wine Wipes

The last thing you want to see is your purple-tinged teeth on tagged Facebook photos after drinking red wine. Needless to say, this situation causes an unappealing effect on every person's smile. If you're a red wine lover, you know that its pigments are tooth stain makers. That's why you would probably bring anything that can remove the stain later on. 

While tissues or mouthwash can help you remove wine stains, it's best to remove it more satisfyingly. We recommend wine wipes. These products are made from edible stain-removing and teeth protecting ingredients. They're wet, so it's easier to remove the stain, compared to tissues. Also, unlike mouthwash, using these wipes wouldn't interfere with the taste of wines while offering you with a refreshing and gentle cleaning at the same time. 

Silicone Wine Glasses

With silicone wine glasses, you'll never break a glass of wine when traveling again! It's unbreakable and shatterproof. They're made from top-rated food-grade silicone material and produced through a platinum curing process. It's the perfect drinking vessel to use when having a sip of vintage Corton wine during your trip. 

Silicone wine cups are easy to wash, as well. You may use a little dishwasher or just plain water. Other travelers would use wine wipes to clean the cups, then rinse they would rinse later. Don't worry about stains. They're stain-resistant, so you can drink red wine without fear of discoloring the glasses.

Wine Bottle Bag Flask

To pair your silicone wine glasses, you can use a wine bottle bag flask. Instead of carrying bottles that add weight to your things, you can use this instead. It's an FDA-approved plastic bag that serves as an alternative container for wine bottles. Specifically, since the FDA validates it, it's technically "BPA free food-grade plastic with zero taste transfer," so it's 100% safe.  

Wine bottle bag flasks are unbreakable, leak-proof, foldable, and collapsible. You can easily pack your wine on the go, especially when planning to hike or camp. More importantly, although it's "plastic," it's washable and reusable. In this regard, it wouldn't contribute to increasing waste pollution. 

Insulated Wine Tumblers

If you're indecisive and anxious to bring corkscrews during your travel and feel uncomfortable keeping your wine in a plastic bag, you may opt for insulated wine tumblers instead. Basically, you keep the wine in the tumbler. Hence, there's no need to carry any bottles or wine bags. 

Also, insulated tumblers are alternatives for silicone wine glasses. One advantage of insulated tumblers is that they can keep the wine cold for up to nine hours. Rest assured, these tumblers will not ruin the quality of your wine. These cutting-edge containers are made to keep wines, so they're typically vacuum-sealed and are double-wall insulated. For this reason, it's often used to keep ice cream, as well. 


Have you heard of a wine rack bra? This product would supposedly allow women to transport wine in their bra. It may sound novel, but it might not be the right up of everyone's alley. Manufacturers are still becoming profoundly creative in making more innovations. Let's see more groundbreaking wine accessories in the future!