Are you picky about what clothes are you going to bring? Well, packing clothes is one of the hassle things you need to do when traveling. Especially girls? They are very conscious or picky about what kind of dress they are going to wear and bring. They always make sure that they wear the best outfit of the day when exploring places, captured great moments and make the best out of it.

It might give you the impression of being basic, but it will definitely give you the best OOTD throughout the day. Here are some things that you can bring to stay stylish when traveling around the world:


Scarves may sound a little bit off to include in your OOTD, but it will definitely help you if you plan to move in a cold climate. Scarves can also be used when you plan to travel during the summer. Scarves have many tricks and hacks how to make it as one of your outfits. It can be used as a hood, a blanket, sturdy cape or hair accessories when traveling. 

Dress or Favorite Outfit

Bringing one of your favorite outfits will help you boost your confidence at the same time you'll feel comfortable when traveling. Mostly girls are the most conscious in their outfit, and they can wear maxi dress paired with a jacket or a cardigan. It is really not necessary to bring all your favorite outfit, 2-3 outfit will do. 70% of the packed clothes must be basics and not the statement pieces of yours that are really not needed.


Some travelers choose to have a comfortable or a simple outfit when exploring the city, and simple accessories will definitely fit in your outfit. A beautiful necklace with a lovely pendant, your favorite charm bracelet or your watches is the best addons that will make you stand out.


Travelers must pick a pair of shoes that they are comfortable wearing them and blends well with the outfit. Avoid wearing heels when traveling because it might give you hassle in walking faster. Travelers can bring sneakers, flip flops, sandals, or rubber shoes as long as it will provide them relief in walking and a comfortable feeling.

Consider your Destination

Before packing your things, you might want to consider where will be your destination, so you will know what the best clothes that really fit to the destination, being aware of the culture, traditions and political climate of the place are. So if you plan to go hiking, here are tips on picking the best outfit. Wearing a plain black or white tank top paired with jeans or shorts can be perfect for physical activities.

It is really not a big deal for some travelers to bring basic clothes. As a traveler, bringing the basics clothes is one of the most helpful tips to have a hassle-free feeling. It doesn't matter how expensive you are wearing, as long as you are comfortable wearing it and you're good to go.