Halloween has been one of the most awaited holidays for everyone. Parade of costumes, trick and treats and parties, these are just some of the few that attest to the fun the celebration promotes. Yet, somewhere, in Disneyland, a splendid month-long Halloween holiday is brought across ages and becomes the world's best place to spend the Halloween with. With a bunch of goings-on and aesthetics, tourists come and go busily to the boundaries of Disneyland Halloween. If you wonder what visitors do to best experience the season, here is how:

1. Taste and Take Halloween Souvenirs and Treats

Do not miss the sugary indulgences such as those sale candies made out of the apple on the windows of Main Street the USA brought to you by Disneyland. Commended for relics are affordable popcorns with new annual design buckets like Zero, the Jack Skellington's faithful ghost dog in Tim Burton's "The Nightmare Before Christmas," and a cute Cinderella's carriage. Take your best shots in Disneyland's blazing pumpkins and other sceneries through Photopass photographers asking no charge at all. There are a lot more treats when you check in Disney Resorts Hotels.

2. Haunt and Tour in Disneyland

Book for a park entrance ticket thirty days in advance and pay for the additional tour fee and seize the more than two hours Happiest Haunts Tour with a food treat and a commemorative pin frills. Create your ghost anthology as you conquer the portals of the park that will introduce you to the characters and spirits from The Haunted Mansion and decade-lasting Disney films.

3. Wander Your Eyes on the Disneyland Light Shows and Fireworks

Be mesmerized by the exceptional show of the season in Disneyland where light and fireworks create a world of colors. By the cue of Jack Skellington's greetings to the audience, the Halloween Screams projects vibrantly Disney's branded villains of all time. At the Sleeping Beauty's Castle, ghosts reveal themselves in the beat of frightful melody. The show ends at selected nights of the holiday so keep on track.

4. Get to be with the Disneyland Family Halloween Party

What is more exciting than wearing Disney party dresses with the family members? Definitely, none! This party is another must buy and worth it separate ticket if you really want to be never left behind. Morning the selected nights of September and October with the park crowd joining the parade under the colorful fireworks. The best moment and stations for trick-or-treating and the opportunity to have selfies with your favorite Disney villains. However, fourteen years old and beyond are restricted to this event. 

5. Come to the Disney Characters' Halloween  Parade 

A streak of celebrity greetings you will warmly hear along the Main Street U.S.A. and Buena Vista Street, a parade that you are going to witness as Disney's Fabulous Five, Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, and Pluto and all your favorite Disney princesses and characters rarely seen character show off their holiday attire. You can also purchase outfits you can wear there at the park. 

With Disneyland, a magical and spookier Halloween holiday is waiting for you. Book your tickets now!