The calendar will come to flip in 2020 a few days from now. There are many of the world's best places you have never gone to. Planning for a bucket list of new destinations for the new year? Be sure to include the following at the top of your list:

Portland, US

Maine, a city where the fiery and fantastic food shows on the keen fascinated chambers in a wharf found. The place' Eventide Oyster Company features the first-class seafood, Rose Foods, and Sisters' pride are its Jewish cuisines, Tacos del Seoul serves the best Mexican-Korean dishes and Mami Food Truck on Fore Street competes for its exotic ramen and octopus' squanders. Sweet treats like the well-known chocolate malt cake are waiting at Tandem Coffee + Bakery and Belleville on North Street. Finest and historic abodes are offered for you by The Francis hotel and Carleton Inn. Talking about island resorts is just not more than an hour ferry ride, boarding from central, escape the city, and be in love with the spectacular Casco Bay. Heading north through bridging off the Blue Hill Peninsula in Penobscot Bay, immerse in the busiest lobster port and conserved granite quarry in town, the Deer isle.


Fond of organic? Land on Bhutan's much-admired low carbon-emitting domicile at the verge of the pronounced Himalayan Kingdom. Discover and adore how agrarians here yield money while committing to being an entirely carbon-free country for more almost a decade. Adding to its wonders, the country welcomes you to its widest flora and fauna tightly safeguarded landscapes and enculturate notable classics and artifacts toward the inside of Buddhist monasteries. 


With the instagrammable photographs you can unlimitedly take on the lead of past field of tulips in Amsterdam in mind, this is not the Netherlands can suffice you. Hold your breath as you bike with your loved ones beside the relaxing waterways and as you explore topnotch arcades of the country. A large portion of the territory is intended to the cultivation of crocuses, daffodils, hyacinths, and tulips, which creates the mind-blowing medley of colors in the middle of March and May.


Go to one of the world's richest countries in the parameter of multiculturalism as well as spices. Ponder as you tour on the prehistoric cities and love the panorama scenes at the peak of the High Atlas Mountains. Do not leave its realm without striding on the sand dunes with the camel in Erg Chigaga. 


South America's tiniest nation yet recently merited acknowledgment for its refined culture, advanced, established and safe locale. Pass by on the antiquated streets of Montevideo as you search for the refuge of their hot springs and easy-going beaches. 

Costa Rica

Being one of the world's most biodiverse countries, Costa Rica, apart from over 500,000 species present, is remarked for its dependence on environment-friendly energy resources. Wind, water, and other renewable sources reached up to 90% extent of utilization. Your freshest stay here must be concluded with a stopover in the Sloth Sanctuary.

Let us see how many checks your bucket list will have as 2020 ends. Fill your whole year with adventure when there is still time.