We all know that Halloween is the most celebrated event every year. It falls every October 31st of the year, and it's time for the children, teenagers, and adults as well to wear costumes, troll for treats and look for spooky activities like touring haunted houses, cemeteries, etc. Halloween festivities celebrate in many ways in cities and towns across the United States, from trick-or-treat to adult spooky costumes. The United States does all the grand celebrations, parades, and some elaborate Halloween parties held every year that is why it doesn't disappoint anyone coming and participating in the event.

Even though there are lots of Halloween parties all over the US, here are the 5 events that stand out.

Village Halloween Parade 

Held in Greenwich Village in Manhattan with a free entrance if you decided this event. This is one of the best parades in the country due to its inclusiveness. The best part of the event is it allows people to participate even they are not in a full costume. All you have to do is to volunteer to animate one of the giant puppets which are really quite amazing.

West Hollywood Carnival 

The best Halloween parties in the USA and it makes sure that it lives up to its name. Held in Santa Monica, Los Angeles, California that attracts more than half a million people to gather and celebrate in the biggest street party in the whole country. The party has a musical performance and an anointment of an A-list celebrity each year as the royalty and it includes Rihanna and Queen Latifah. Free entrance as well.

Sea Witch Festival

One of the unique Halloween parties in America. Held in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware with an entrance fee of INR 1418. They have many competitions like guessing the pumpkin's weight, seed spitting contest and much more that participants can enjoy. The festival has also lived musical performances and acts. During the night, people will sit around a bonfire by the beach and share scary stories or experiences.

Day of the Dead Festival 

Held in Houston, Texas and a free entrance for those people who wants to celebrate with them. This is one of the grandest traditional celebrations of Halloween in the country. They celebrate the Latin American traditions of the Day of the Dead also called "Dia de Los Muerto". The whole city is lit up with celebrations, decorations of local arts and crafts. Parades with giant skeleton balloons and ofrendas in the altar. Its biggest attraction is the Calavera runway show which attracts many visitors from different states and countries.

Emma Crawford Festival 

Held in Manitou Springs, Colorado with an entrance fee of INR 5320. It is a bizarre festival held in a small town in Colorado. It's celebrates memorializing Emma Crawford since 1995. There are a lot of happenings in this festival, but what attracts more is the Coffin Race. It is a wheeled coffin, has a Crawford impersonator riding on it and pushed by four people dressed as mourners. People all around the city have started participating in this bizarrely awesome race.

Whatever celebration are you in during Halloween, what matters most is you have enjoyed celebrating it, whether you are with your family, friends or loved ones. Just treasure every moment you had and make it the best Halloween party ever.