Travelling with the whole family, especially with kids can be both fun and stressful. However, some ways can make your family tour quite memorable and exciting. This even makes you want to more for another international travel adventure with kids around.

For the most part of every family trip, you need to put some time for careful planning and research. Don't just rely on travel and tour companies to plan everything for you. Plan your travel abroad with children in mind. Remember that you need some extra patience here with some cooperation from the airlines you are dealing with.

So, here are the 5 most amazing airlines for families on tour that you can rely on.


Although it tops the list in some surveys over Southwest Airlines, JetBlue is a family-friendly airline that is extremely accommodating to families with children of any age. This airline offers wonderful experiences for all parents and kids on board.

Southwest Airlines 

For frequent travellers and regular tourists who have tried booking with Southwest Airlines, getting on top of the rankings is not really surprising here. Southwest Airlines is just an excellent company that's unique on its own. It has not set of attitudes that can be observed from other airlines. You don't even have to pay for change fees and bag fees, as you would do from other airlines. The best thing about this airline is they have the Southwest Companion Pass that is being considered as highly valuable to its passengers.

Delta Airlines 

Having the trademark of giving away free Biscoff cookies to keep children even happier than ever during each flight, Delta Airlines have won the hearts of the passengers and tourists. It goes on top 3 here and got the legacy carriers' highest ranking for its very respectable identity. Delta Airlines is best known for its excellent on-time arrival rate and solid onboard entertainment product, aside from its free Biscoff cookies.

Hawaiian Airlines 

Once you're on-board here, everyone can tell you're about to reach the happiest destination, that is, you're bound to Hawaii. This makes Hawaiian Airlines different, among others. Yet, this domestic route network that is relatively limited has also a negative effect on its rankings. Hawaiian Airlines could have actually ranked higher if not for this limitation/

Alaska Airlines 

Ranking as one of the best airlines in the other surveys, Alaska Airlines is another one of the best airlines when it comes to serving families with children on board. Its only downside is the high ancillary fee for every customer or passenger and the lack of entertainment product onboard.

Other recommended airlines for families on tour with children coming along are United Airlines, American Airlines, Frontier Airlines, Spirit Airlines, and Allegiant. These rankings are based on on-time arrival, seat assignments, early boarding procedures, route network, kid meals and snacks, available entertainment, seat comfort and size, availability of awards, the mileage program rules, customer satisfaction, additional and services for unaccompanied minors.