Pakistan has some of the most diverse and flavorful recipes in the world. Pakistan is a country of geographical and linguistic diversity, but there's common ground to be found in Pakistan's food: Pakistanis are passionate about their cuisine. The versatile geography creates a wide variety of different types of recipes.

Here are our list of mouth-watering recipes from Pakistan:

1. Beef Haleem

This involves many food ingredients like lentils, rice, meat, or maze. The Beef Haleem is a popular stew in many countries all around the globe, including the Middle East, many parts of central Asia as well as the Indian subcontinent.

Although the preparation of the recipe varies from place to place, the main ingredients for the general preparation always include barley or wheat, meat with an assortment of lentils. There are many variations of the haleem eaten around the world, some of which are the keskek, Hareesa and khichra. The origin of the haleem recipe lies in a popular Arabian recipe, known as the "harees."

2. Chapli Kebab

Chapli Kebab is a well-known barbeque or street food throughout eaten all across the country. The dish is also famous in some parts of Afghanistan. Kababs can be served with bread, roti, naan, rice, or also styled to make sandwiches.

A traditional kebab using minced beef and spices, this is prepared in a Mughal culinary style. The beef is flattened into circles and shallow-fried mixed together with a South Asian blend of spices. But the patty must have a charred exterior for an authentic look and flavor. Serve in a bun with pickled red onions or with a side of pita bread and add traditional raita (yogurt dip) to your beautiful platter.

3. Biryani

Biryani is one of the most amazing royal delicacies introduced to Indians. It is made by layering marinated chicken and then layered with parboiled rice, herbs, saffron milk, and then ghee.

Biryani gets a lot of its flavour from the marinade. Use yogurt as a tenderizer, and fried onions (birista), tomato puree, chilli powder, turmeric powder, coriander powder, garam masala, and salt to flavor the chicken.

4. Raita (Yogurt and Vegetable Salad)

Raira is sort of like a very good salad dressing that is used usually with spicy foods as a way to cool them a bit. Raita is an Indian condiment made with yogurt, fresh vegetables, and spices.  There are variations from region to region. It is somewhat similar to a Greek tzatziki sauce.

Mix all ingredients in medium bowl and season to taste with salt. Then chill raita, covered, until ready to serve.

5. Aloo Tikki

Aloo Tikki is a Pakistani street food. These are deep-fried golden brown potato cutlets that taste crispy, crunchy, and spicy. These snacks are consumed with yogurt, pickles, or sauces for a tangy flavor. Two ways Aloo Tikki is made are: one is by stuffing chana dal and the other one is a simple patty which can be done very quickly if boiled potatoes are ready.

The thick and flat ones turn crisp and taste exceptionally good since the mixture from inside gets cooked completely.