Ozark's hiking trails, lakes, reservoir, Buffalo River, and waterfalls, are few of the reasons for visiting Arkansas. This park-filled U.S. state is endowed with attractions cannot be done visiting in just one spring-fall vacation. The list could be endless as there are many other great places to explore in this state.

Here are the 5 top-rated attractions in Arkansas for you to explore and feel the difference in your own viewpoint.

1.   Hot Springs National Park

Before the establishment of this park in 1921, Hot Springs City was already known as a spa town due to its hot springs. American Indians believed this to have healing properties. The park was then founded and attracted more visitors who come to experience taking baths in one of the Bathhouses. They are still the main attraction of the park until today. Other attractions can be found in the park including an observation tower and hiking trails.

2.   Petit Jean State Park 

Just next to Ouachita Mountains where the Hot Springs City is located, another park worthy to visit is Petit Jean State Park, known for exciting leisure activities such as pedal-boating and fishing. Cedar Falls is a known feature of the park. Its 29 meter waterfall is impressive. The park has visitors center where you can rent boat and fishing supplies. There is also swimming pool, basketball courts and other picnic areas.

3.   Blanchard Springs Caverns and Recreations

This is mainly an awesome tourist cave which you can view with a tour guide. Tourists love this place not just of its fantastic appeal. The entire spot is actually good for families even with kids along. You get to see the best of everything. It even has recreational areas to encourage groups, families and even solo travellers to stay and revisit the place. Aside from The Caverns, there's also the Blanchard Springs, the Mirror Lake Falls, The Mill Creek, The Swimming Hole, The Shelter Cave, and the camping area.

4.   Crater of Diamonds State Park

This is the only place where you can search for diamonds and keep it home as you wish. The Crater of Diamonds State Park has entrance fees for various age groups. Children below 6 years of age are free to search for diamonds at this Arkansas Park. Another reason to visit here is that you have the chance to get into one of the world's largest volcanic crates that bear diamonds. It is said to have an average of two diamonds that are being searched each day.

5.   Mount Magazine State Park 

Get into Arkansas' highest point at about 839 meters high and see the state's view in a picturesque manner. It is even more exciting to know that there are different hiking trails that you can try aside from the delightful spots at Arkansas' peak.

Another reason why tourists or even folks and young adults love coming here is that this is a favorite outdoor escapade of the truly passionate nature lovers who love to unwind after a week-long hard work. Visitors can stay at Mount Magazine's stately Lodge for some nights. There are also different cabins along the southern bluff that lets you enjoy sightseeing from your room.

So the next time you find  yourself searching for a destination where you can spend that break, consider Arkinsas. it might just be the adventure you're looking for.