Emirates is an airline which was founded in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Emirates Airline is the world's fourth-largest carrier and often called the gold standard of commercial aviation. It prides itself on flying one of the youngest fleets of planes.

You can fly almost everywhere with Emirates with it offering more than 140 flight routes connecting over 150 cities in 80 different countries.

Check in online before you leave for the airport because if you're departing from the United States, you won't be issued a boarding pass, but you may be able to wait on a shorter line at the airport to obtain one than passengers who have not done so.

The Emirates lounge at JFK airport has just been renovated in July 2018 and has tons of seating, free wifi, and gorgeous bathrooms. The ideal time to turn up at check-in for an Emirates flight is 70 minutes before departure because the less time you spend at an airport, the better, so plan to get there just before check-in closes.

Eat before departure or take snacks on an evening flight.

It turns out that Emirates does serve spirits in the economy so if you are the sort of person for whom an inflight G&T is an essential part of the trip, just ask. Everyone in Economy Class is given red-and-white amenity bags with socks, eye masks, earplugs, and toothbrush/toothpaste. There's also unlimited Champagne and wine and excellent service.

Enrolling in Emirates Skywards, the airline's frequent-flyer scheme will not guarantee you to amass enough points for an upgrade, let alone a "free" flight, but it gets you a discount on the paid inflight internet - £9 buys access for the whole flight.

The carrier has mains electricity at most seats. Most aircraft are configured for the standard British plug, but on some older Boeing 777s, you will need a two-pin adapter.

There's a built-in entertainment system in every flight where they have a vast library of movies, TV shows, and all genres of music. Every seat has its own entertainment system, with Emirates taking home Skytrax's award for Best In-Flight Entertainment 14 years running with 2,500 channels, including over 95 movies. Its ICE system consists of a large screen built into economy-class seatbacks, and all of the A380, and some Boeing 777 aircraft have free Wi-Fi and in-seat power.

You can be sure to get comfortable and spacious seats, even if you're flying in Economy Class because the seats are plush and soft and you'll also get plenty of room to extend your legs.

Culinary pleasures in the lounge include plates of smoked salmon and ramekins of beef.

The bar and lounge might be one of the coolest and most prominent selling points of flying Emirates business class because not only can you order specialty cocktails to be made on the spot, but there's tons of room to mingle with your friends or other passengers.

You can choose to extend the stopover and hang out, shop, or simply relax in Dubai for a few days.