Ranked 5th in the world, 3rd in Europe, no doubt Italy is one of the most visited countries in the world. It gained the most numbers of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Its cities are to blame for this. Panoramic views, arts and architectures and cityscapes are very few to mention the qualities Italy's cities possessed. But you cannot visit 144 of them all. Your minimum pick would be 5.

Here are the top 5 great Italy's cities to start exploring.

1.   Rome

Most probably Rome will be your first city to step foot on. This is the capital of the country. Maybe you have heard the uniqueness of Venice, and the renowned museums in Florence. But before you go to them explore first Rome. It is one of the most visited cities in the world for its immensity in archaeological and artistic treasures. The city is home to many popular museums such as the Vatican Museum and the Galleria Borghese. It also boasts great collections of sculpture, paintings, frescoes, and mosaics.

2.   Venice

We should not recommend this city for you for over tourism. But visiting Italy would not be complete without tasting Venice. The "floating city" as one of its names, makes Venice very unique. It also has many museums, palaces, and churches which most tourist looks. To describe all the qualities of this city, we just say "the most beautiful city in the world."

3.   Florence

Just like Venice, Florence experiences over tourism. It is considered the number one in the world with greatest concentration of art that makes the city strong in cultural tourism. Italy is very proud of Florence because of its Renaissance architecture. The city is full of events whole year. Before you go you may want to see first the Santa Maria Novella, shop in Ponte Vecchio, and buy souvenirs in San Lorenzo Market.

4.   Milan

Considered as a global city, Milan excelled in terms of art, commerce, fashion, education, and a lot more. It is also considered one of Europe's richest cities. Home of Leonardo Da Vinci's collections such as The Last Supper, and famous opera La Scala, Milan must not be skipped in your visit.

5.   Naples

Palace of Caserta, Herculaneum, and Roman Ruins of Pompeii are just some of Naples historical and cultural significant sites. Historical churches are many that make it one of the most Catholic cities in the world. Naples is also known for its historical museums, parks, gardens, villas, fountains and stairways. Its cuisine and wine are one of the world's bests.

Italy is truly an exciting destination to explore. The top 5 great cities here in Italy are just your guide to help you start out just right with your next Italy travel escapades. There are many other cities in Italy that are worth visiting. These places may be new to you or not but they make up Italy's richness in culture and fabulous tourist's adventure that you and your family will surely love. So, why not start exploring Italy now?