Cerro Chirripo

From the lofty heights of Costa Rica's highest peak, Cerro Chirripo, you'll be able to enjoy broad views of each the Pacific Ocean and therefore the sea. Of course, if you would like to relish this visual feast, you're progressing to need to endure the arduous - however extremely pleasing - slog to the highest.

Central vale thrills

The tiny city of Turrialba within the Central vale won't seem like abundant on the map, however, the encompassing space is home to a number of the foremost intense white-water rafting within the whole of Central America. If you're looking for a significant Adrenalin rush, each day of fierce paddling ought to positively get on your agenda. If you favor caffein to Adrenalin, visit restaurant Britt Finca in Barva if you would like to drink some prime quality Costa Rican low right from the supply.

Playa Samara

Among the country's most picture-perfect beaches, key fruit is an associate angelic strip of powder-white sand that lies between gently rolling turquoise seas and a string of classy restaurants and cafes. a perfect destination for leisure families in search of a quiet retreat, key fruit is peaceful however refined.

Monteverde and Santa Elena

The neighboring cities of Monteverde and Santa Elena, that edge picture cloud forests, ar the birthplace of the country's touristry movement. Here you'll be able to go trekking at high altitudes, hunt for rare resplendent quetzals and straddle your feet across the divide.

Parque Nacional Manuel Antonio

One of the country's most celebrated national parks, Manuel Antonio, is that the Central American nation you unreal in your dreams. Here you'll be able to watch all manner of monkeys bounding through the forest cover as you're taking leisurely hikes on palm-fringed shores lapped by tropical waves.

Parque Nacional Tortuguero

One of Costa Rica's unequalled eco-destinations, Tortuguero is an associate elaborate network of slim canals that wind their approach through pristine jungle and coastal wetlands. From the protection and luxury of your own canoe, you'll be able to paddle on these shrouded waterways in search of hidden life.

Mal Pais and Santa Mother Teresa

At the tip of the terra firm, a DE Nicoya is that this destination pair, that offers a number of the country's best surf. Mal País and Santa Mother Teresa were once far-flung locales that took serious determination to achieve, although higher road access associated improved traveler infrastructure have led to a progressively refined scene.