Milan is a historic city in Italy with amazing scenes, places and rich history. The city is a perfect combination of what makes for an eternal tours experience. So many have visited and seen it for themselves what about you?

Exquisite art tour

This city is simply artistic. You just can't miss it artistry. You can see it, touch it and feel it. The atmosphere is electrifying. The city is just wonderful.

You can try out one of our art local tours in Milan and feel what may thousand others feel when they come. You'll get to understand why people troop to visit this city year in year out. The hosts usually will take time to ensure you are educated with all the city's masterpieces! It's usually a memorable experience. That kind you'll reminisce all your life. You'll have the privilege to see all the arts and learn about great artists like Leonardo da Vinci and several others.

Local cycling tour

Your holiday or tour should be the kind that will keep you amazed for a long time. Such a place where you can have such is Milan. Milan is a city of cities. It's amazing in all ways and surrounded with other amazing cities like it.

One of the things many tourists do when they are around is to take a bike tour to the amazing canals, the beautiful outskirts of Milan city, the local farms or other several beautiful sights. Just ask for a catalogue and see many options you have available for you.

Your host is there for you and to keep you comfortable and give you an experience of your life. He is obligated to take you to the best places. Places with so much history around them. You can even try out the city's local wine or food.

Historical tour with a local

Art and history mixed give a palatable experience. That's what Milan offers. Your mind will be so educated while your eyes is been fed with artistic styles and wonders. It's just a unique experience you will like to have.

Some of the fantastic views you'll be opportune to enjoy are the Palazzo Arese Borromeo, the Sforza Castle, the Duomo di Milano, the Navigli District and much more. These are places with rich and inspiring stories about their past. Your guide is there at your disposal to aid the best experience for you. You are free to ask as many questions as possible. They are trained to help you relax and get the best out of your time in the city.

Hidden Gems Tour

There are several hidden gems and secret spots besides the gorgeous highlights. These are great things to inspire your relaxation, comfort and maximum enjoyment. Most Milan tourists include this in their tours. It will be great if you do too.

The local hosts are there to help you choose the best gem tours. There are favourites like hip streets, cool boutiques and also the amazing undergrounds of Milan city.

There are unique and inspiring stories around these places that can lighten any one's day.  The stories are simply one of a kind. You can choose to enjoy the fabulous and one of a kind local coffee of the Italians.

For those who love contemporary art studios your guide is there to take you round. You need to be free to talk to your guide and ask questions or clarifications as the case may be. Just tell your guide what you want to see or experience and they'll make it happen for you.

High Fashion Tour

Are you a fashion person? Just include it in your tour list and your trained guide will make it happen. The world know Italy for fashion but what they don't know is that a lot of it comes from Milan. The city has so many fashion spots for fashion enthusiasts. It's impossible not to be amazed seeing these fashion places. The experience in these places if far more than what you make have seen on magazines or TV screens. Just be there live and touch the feeling.

Plan your next vacation to tour Milan. You will be amazed of what Withlocals can offers you.