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Plan to Visit Gulf of Asian Nation and the Arabian Sea to Relish Best Scuba Diving Sites

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Updated: Jun 05, 2019 08:42 AM EDT

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Plan to Visit Gulf of Asian Nation and the Arabian Sea to Relish Best Scuba Diving Sites
Plan to Visit Gulf of Asian Nation and the Arabian Sea to Relish Best Scuba Diving Sites
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The only emirate with an outline alone on the Gulf of Asian nation, Fujairah boasts additional marine life at its dive sites than those of the Gulf, and once saying plans in 2018 to create the world's largest artificial reef off the coast, it's set to become one in every of the foremost exciting diving destinations within the region.

While it's potential to dive off a conventional sailing ship within the nutrient-rich waters of Oman's district of Musandam, Muscat is that the Gulf 's most well-liked diving hub. a very important nesting space for hawksbill turtles, the Daymaniyat Islands off Muscat are unit a crowd favorite. conjointly accessible from the capital is Al Fahal Island, common for its modular rays and black-tipped reef sharks, and therefore the 84m-long Al Munassir wreck ruined in 2003 by Oman's navy in Bandar Khayran, that attracts vibrant nudibranchs, a kind of shell-less gastropod.

Further south, the Arabian Sea coastal city of Mirbat is one in every of the few places within the world wherever each coral and brown algae garden may be determined during the summer months at least. the world is most known, however, for the twenty-two species of dolphins and whales that decision it home - between January to April, there's even an opportunity of sharing your dive with an associate killer whale. additional diverse has dive outlets in Muscat and Mirbat. The close Hallaniyat Islands are also a hotspot for whale encounters and are best reached by liveaboard try Dive Worldwide.

Ongoing coastal development, an absence of coral and therefore the byproducts of oil extraction within the GCC states doesn't wreak the world's best diving, however, there are a unit many wrecks within the region that shouldn't be unnoticed. Among the superfluity of wrecks outside Dubai's harbor, most diverse count the Zaineb, the MV Ludwig the MV Dara - a ship that became the world's second worst maritime disaster once the large following associate explosion that sank it in 1961 - among the simplest. Check them out with Al Boom Diving.

Off the south coast of Islamic Republic of Iran, Kish Island is one in every of the region's additional gumptious diving destinations, with worthy sites together with Southern Crack, a coral rift swarming with eel eels, and Sambar on for its vibrant corals. Long-standing Kish Diving Centre will take you there, tho' men and girls presently should dive one by one. On the and facet, a visa isn't needed for divers visiting this trade zone space from Dubai.

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