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A sensible guide to visiting Jordan throughout Ramadan

Travelers Today       By    Dipika

Updated: May 17, 2019 11:33 AM EDT

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A sensible guide to visiting Jordan throughout Ramadan
A sensible guide to visiting Jordan throughout Ramadan
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Visiting Jordan throughout the month of Ramadan is a rare chance to expertise native life and culture, and it's in contrast to the other time of the year. The holy month is thought as an amount of religious discipline for Muslims, however, it's conjointly unbelievably gala with family gatherings, ornamental lights, late-night show, and amusement. For the foremost half, the touristry trade is business as was common. However, some services - like alcohol sales - and gap hours area unit perceptibly affected, therefore it's knowing to be ready. Here's what travelers will expect to encounter in Jordan throughout Ramadan.

What is Ramadan?

Ramadan is that the most sacred month for Muslims. in line with Muslim tradition, it's believed that God disclosed the primary verses of the religious text throughout the ninth month of the Muslim calendar, therefore every year, Muslims observe this with abstinence (fasting) from sunrise to sunset for the whole month. however, there's additional to Ramadan than rejection food and drinks throughout the daytime. several Muslims contribute to charities, participate in extra prayers, pay time with family and devote themselves to reading and taking note of recitations of the religious text.

A typical Ramadan day starts with suhoor, the meal eaten before the sunrise and 1st prayer. Between sun up and sun down, Muslims abstain from uptake, drinking (even water) and smoking. throughout the day, locals are also off his guard, making ready food for iftar (literally which means 'breakfast', the meal is eaten once sunset), praying and specializing in their religious observance, such a large amount of outlets, businesses, and government offices have reduced hours of operation. some of the hours before sunset, the streets awake - and might get quite jam-packed - as families stream intent on buy tamarind juice, sweets and different iftar provide. It's conjointly common to deliver a meal to those less lucky. At sunset, the muadhdhin calls Muslims to worship al-Maghrib, the prayer that straightaway follows sunset, so it's time to interrupt the quick. Some can merely drink water and eat dates so that they will go on to prayer before sitting down for the massive iftar meal. Others can eat iftar so pray.

What to expect throughout Ramadan in Jordan

Travelers aren't duty-bound to follow the abstinence and prayer schedule; however, it's going to influence your plans. Here are a unit several things to stay in mind if you're a movement to Jordan throughout the Muslim holy month. 

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