The jaw-dropping coast off-road one. photograph courtesy of Calif. Big Sur's dizzying coastal cliffs, bohemian retreats, blustery beaches, and redwood forests area unit all cradled by Hwy one, south of Carmel-by-the-Sea. condors are going to be soaring higher than Andrew Molera State Park.

Farther south, hike through redwood forests in Pfeiffer geographical area State Park, dig down into purple-tinged sand at Pfeiffer Beach, and glimpse one in every of California's rare waterfalls. A lot of ink has been spilled extolling the beauty of this craggy coast, nevertheless nothing quite prepares you for that initial glimpse through the screen of its wild, unspoiled nature.

Although the geographical area is a lot of a state of mind than an area, you'll be able to pinpoint on a map, the much-photographed Bixby Bridge permits you to grasp you've got arrived. If you're lucky, vulnerable Calif. Don't forget to check out RV rental Los Angeles for easier travel. 

Connect with massive Sur's recusant past at the writer Library, a community-oriented arts center, and at the new-age Esalen Institute, a journeying website for its clifftop hot-springs baths alone. conclude the right day in a geographical area with Associate in Nursing Ambrosia burger and craft brewage on the ocean-view terrace at Nepenthe, sitting ashore once closely held by Hollywood legends George Orson Welles and Rita Hayworth.

If you can't tear yourself far away from massive Sur's natural beauty simply nevertheless, then hit the sack during a rustic riverside cabin or book your very own dwelling at Treebones Resort. Spiraling down from massive Sur's rocky cliffs, road one meets the ocean once more at Cambria. Captive zebras graze the ranch lands below publisher Castle, a grandiose mansion designed by 20th-century newspaper big businessman William Randolph publisher.

Take a tour of its extraordinary grandeur and valuable European antiquities, then dance the flowering gardens and also the Neptune Pool, ringed by classical statuary.

Back on road one southward, next up area unit the surf city of Cayucos, wherever you'll be able to stroll out onto a sunset-view pier, and the fishing port of Morro, wherever ocean otters and kayakers float on the water. once you finally arrive in San Luis Obispo, congratulate yourself on creating it halfway from San Francisco to LA! this faculty city has been stratified collectively of the USA's happiest cities - return decide for yourself. Time your visit for Thursday night's downtown farmers market, with its belching BBQ smokers, trained worker food vendors and free amusement.