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India Travel Guide at a glance

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Updated: Apr 25, 2019 02:51 PM EDT

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India is a diverse country that has got lots of things to offer to the tourist. It is also big country and so if you have plans to visit the country in near future, then this article will provide you some useful information that you could use while charging and staying in India.

As stated above, India has got a diverse culture. It has got different regions and each region has got its own sets of traditions and culture. As it is a big country, it would not be possible to travel and understand its cultural diversity in a short span of time. Therefore, depending on your schedule and number of days that you are going to stay and travel in India, you should plan your destination spots in India accordingly. Here, we will divide India into four main regions that would help you to understand the current culture and tradition of the country and also help you to plan your visit properly.

Getting started

First thing that you have to finalize is the kind and type of destination and places to visit during your stay at India. If you are interested in the spirituality factor then you have to plot a specific map plan and if you are more in to UK casinos, party and beaches then you would have to sketch out a totally different tourist map! Depending on your selection, you have to make other arrangements accordingly.

If you have enough time then is it able to get a glimpse of Indian culture but that would require around a month. If you do not have that much time then you should try to select particular region and explore the country nearby it. There are four main airports where you can land up and start the tour - Delhi, the capital city, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai.

Delhi and Co.

These cities represent four different directions and regions of India. If you land on Delhi Airport, then and you should visit Agra which is famous for Taj Mahal. Taj Mahal is one of the seven wonders of the world and most tourist that come to India surely visit this place for historical as well is artistic reasons.

From Agra, you can plan your journey as per your own taste and preferences. If you would like to taste the spiritual and religious India, then you should follow places that are going to be near Agra like Haridwar, Rishikesh, and Allahabad. These places are situated on the shore of river Ganga, which is considered as a sacred river of Hindus. You would also be able to find lots of temples and spirituality in these areas. So if you are looking for a spiritual experience, staying and visiting these places would surely bring the light to you.

Kolkata and the seven Sisters

If you would like to view the natural beauty of India, then you should select Kolkata airport for landing. From there, you can tour the city which is systolic in has lot of cultural heritage of the tourist and from there, you can take the eastern route and visit Eastern states of India that are popularly known as the seven sisters.

These are mostly small states and can be easily covered within a week or so. There are mostly known for the greenery, mountains, landscape and tea plantation. You will be able to relax yourself and be in close touch to the mother nature, when you visit the Eastern part of India. You would also be able experience Eastern Lifestyle which is identically different from some other parts of India.

Mumbai and Partying!

If you would like to get a mix of cultural experience, then you should land on Mumbai Airport. Mumbai is known as the Hollywood of India. You will be able to enjoy your stat and have fun in the beaches and if you are also interested in understanding the traditional culture of India, then you can take road trip to Gujarat and other parts of Maharashtra state and find lots of places like temples and other historic places where you can get enough understanding towards Indian culture and traditions.

The Southern India

Southern part of India is hot and it is more natural and traditional. If you would like to visit the natural spots then you should ask for places like Ooty or Munnar in Kerala state. If you would like to understand Indian spiritualism then you can go to Rameswaram and Kanyakumari. There are lot of other nearby places in South that has got a lot of significance in Indian history tradition and culture.

Kashmir, Shimla and Hill Stations

Finally, if you would like simply enjoy in the stereotype manner, then you should move to North of India., namely Shimla and Dalhousie and you will be able to get the hill station feel there. Apart from it, India is such a diverse and cultural rich country that you would be able to taste its spiritualism almost anywhere you go.

Points to remember

Some of the important points that you should note before coming to India is book your air and other travel tickets advance. Depending on your budget, you will be able to select a variety of Hotels but it would be better to get them booked in advance as well. Indians foods is quite spicy and therefore try to find places, where you can order customized food as per your own taste.

Also. do carry mineral water bottle and do not drink open water at anywhere. Apart from it, keep all the safety tips that are required for travel. We are sure that if you for the advice in information that's been provided above, you will be able to enjoy your day in India. It would be better if you sketch out your plan before head and set your own taste and priorities and then travel India fully prepared. In this way, you will be able to enjoy your stay as well as understand Indian culture and tradition in a better way.

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