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Tips for Planning Your Dream Vacation

Travelers Today       By    Staff Reporter

Updated: Jan 17, 2019 05:35 PM EST

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How do you avoid having a nightmare vacation? Well, proper planning prevents poor outcomes. With due diligence, research, and planning, you can plan the vacation of your dreams.

Too many travelers leave too much to chance. If you desire the maximum experience, you can leave no stone unturned. The following tips will help you plan your dream vacation.

1. Start a Vacation Budget

Any significant financial undertaking in your life deserves its own budget. Planning your dream vacation is no different. Give yourself between 6-12 months to plan and save for your trip.

2. Do Your Research

Do your homework and make sure that you look into every aspect of your trip. Read online reviews and blogs, and send emails for additional answers. There are countless resources online that will help with this process.

3. Carefully Plan Kid's Activity Itinerary

If you intend on taking children with you, carefully planning their activities means ensuring more time with you and your partner. If kid's time is not planned correctly, it can lead to unforeseen issues with the timing for adult activities.

4. Factor in the Weather

Don't be like most travelers and fail to look into the weather forecast for the time of your trip. While there is no guarantee regarding the forecast, failure to check into weather can mean having a rainy vacation.

5. Minimize Mobile Device Use

Enjoy your vacation without depending on your mobile device. With smartphone dependency on the rise, vacation time give you the freedom to leave the phone in airplane mode and take plenty of photos.

6. Call to Make Hotel Reservations

Travelers sometimes outsmart themselves by trying to save on hotels using third-party services. Placing a quick phone call to the actual hotel can save you significantly. Alternative lodging is an option. For instance, Portland condos may prove to offer better long-term benefits for annual vacationers.

7. Pack Efficiently

Packing items and garments that you can do without can save on luggage space and airline baggage fees. Rolling all articles of clothing rather than folding also saves a ton of space.

8. Book Excursions and Specialty Services at Your Destination

If you plan on a spa day, massage, or excursion, wait until you reach your destination to book these services. You may order in advance and realize later there were better options and costs when you arrived.

9. Double Check Everything

If you have ever arrived at a hotel and found out your reservations were wrong or arrived at the airport on the wrong date? These things occur when online booking and fail to follow-up coincide. Double check every aspect of your trip.

10. Network and Socialize

When you arrive, let your hair down and have some fun. Take your business cards with you. Don't be afraid to mingle and network with other couples. It is common to meet new friends and business associates on vacation.


Planning a dream vacation takes a lot of preparation and follow-up. The worst thing you can do is leave things to chance. Make sure to confirm every aspect of your trip so you can enjoy your vacation without the unnecessary headaches.

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