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5 ways technology is making travel easier

Travelers Today       By    Staff Reporter

Updated: Aug 01, 2018 10:38 AM EDT

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5 ways technology is making travel easier
5 ways technology is making travel easier
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In the last 20 years how we use technology has completely changed. Phones have become mobile and computers have become smaller and portable. These changes have brought more convenience and comfort to our lives. Especially when it comes to travel.

Technology makes planning travel easier

Prior to the mass availability of the internet, even researching a holiday was more difficult. Google images, Google Earth and review sites simply did not exist. In order to find information or pictures of holiday destinations, people had to read travel books. If there was no travel guide or book available, people relied on first-hand accounts or no accounts. This meant that most travel was classed as 'blind-travel'. Meaning that people were travelling to places without having a lot of information or knowledge about them. Something which many people say added to the adventure of travelling.

Technology has created more travel options

Today, almost no 'blind-travel' takes place mainly because of the internet. Even if travellers tried to avoid looking up their destinations. Social media, pop-up adverts, and even booking sites are packed full of travel guides and pictures. Meaning that unless travellers are living under a rock, they will come across some information. In fact, having all this information available means that more parts of the world have opened up. Less explored corners of the world are now being visited and documented. From the North Poles to deep South America. Without the sharing of experiences and pictures, who knows if people would go there? Undoubtedly the internet has expanded people's imaginations in regards to travel.

Technology has made travelling with money safer

Similarly, with payments which have also been advanced thanks to technology. One of the main changes with making payments abroad is online payment methods. Before the online move, most people travelling were at the mercy of bureau du changes or banks. This is because many people chose to deal in cash when travelling. Dealing in cash meant that people would have to exchange currencies. Thankfully, payments and exchanges can now be done online with services like Interac. Again this makes life more easy for people travelling. Also, by using online payment methods like Interac travellers can avoid fees and extra costs. Another bonus of online payment methods is that they are safer and protected. In the case of robbery or loss cards and stolen funds can be replaced. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said if cash is lost or stolen whilst travelling.

Technology has added convenience to travel

Despite, day to day problems like traffic and queues, travelling is more convenient. Partly, this is down to technology. Especially, when it comes to things like booking. Both of which were a pretty inconvenient part of travel. Before, travel sites like, Sky scanner, and Airbnb booking travel was a long process. In fact, in many cases booking a holiday or trip could have possibly taken a few days. This was because booking travel often meant visiting a travel agent. Now, pretty rare travel agents were businesses who booked holidays and travel. Travellers would usually book an appointment or come into their business. Once, their destination and package were confirmed payment was taken. The reason travel agents were so popular is that they did all the research. Which, without high-internet speeds was a timely process.

Technology has made travelling more eco-friendly

Sadly, it is often reported that we are damaging the planet. Emissions, waste, and human population have all contributed. Governments, businesses, and households are all now taking 'green measures'. These measures, are all designed to reduce the amount of damage being done. Simple things like recycling, public transport, and composting all help. When it comes to travel, technology has vastly helped people become eco-friendlier. Going 'paper-less' when travelling is the best example of this. To put it simply, going 'paper-less' means using your phone for reservations and tickets. Meaning that there is no need to print anything out.

When it comes to getting around technology also has you covered. Instead of printing of maps and directions, why not use an app. Many, phones and tablets now come with built-in navigation apps. This makes travelling around foreign countries much better for the environment. Many navigation apps also plot out routes with the least amount of traffic and delays.

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