Rome is another city everyone wants to get lost in, and not just because of the mythical ruins dotted all around the city. Rome is paradise for food lovers as well, but sometimes, we fall for tourist traps when there are actually much more genuine and much cheaper restaurants in the city that would leave your napkin messy and stomach full.

If you want to get the best deal of Greek cuisine in Rome, then ask a local, not your hotel, for where you can eat good food without shelling out hundreds of bucks. For your next trip to Rome, here are some of the insanely good restaurants in the city that are both stomach and budget friendly:

Farinè la Pizza. Everyone who has tasted a slice of Farinè la Pizza can argue that it's the best pizza in the whole country. According to Conde Nast Traveler, the team behind this minimalist pizzeria is husband-and-wife that both trained at Italy's National School of Pizza, therefore, there shouldn't be any room for doubt. Their pizza is special because of the 72 hours it always takes to make the dough rise, resulting in a crisp, tasty perfection.

Barnum Café. For a quick lunch, don't fret and head to Barnum Café for a cheap, fun, and tasty fare with their blackboard specials ranging for only €4 - €8, with local music entertaining you in the background. Their menu varies from pasta, quiche, and hamburgers according to Lady Iron Chef, and if you want to meet someone for lunch, you'll never get bored of waiting with the chill vibe of the restaurant and free Wi-Fi.

Osteria Bonelli. You might think that you're in a fancy restaurant with the excellent service at Osteria Bonelli and the really delicious food that should be awarded Michelin Stars. Their house red wine is an excellent pair to some of the restaurant's best dishes such as pasta alla gricia and spinaci ravioli, and even if you order two to three main courses, your wallet won't make you suffer. This bustling osteria is a must-visit for tourists looking for an excellent place to eat.