On an exciting new venture by Carnival Cruise Lines, the company just announced their partnership with the Bahamian government to build their own cruise port in the islands. When finished, it will be the largest purpose-built cruise facility ever to be made in the famed Caribbean island.

The project, which is estimated to cost around $200 million, will feature various recreational facilities, restaurants, boutiques, unique water-based amenities, a pier that can fit two of the fleet's largest cruise ships, as well as a one-mile stretch of beach, according to Travel Pulse. The company is excited to branch out and facilitate an all-new exclusive experience to their guests, something the company said would be best done in The Bahamas.

Christine Duffy, Carnival Cruise Line president, said in a statement through Orlando Sentinel: "Carnival Cruise Line is the leader in year-round cruising to The Bahamas and this new development will not only provide a truly extraordinary and one-of-a-kind destination experience for our guests but it will further solidify our partnership with the people of The Bahamas."

"In 2017, along with Carnival's sister lines, Carnival Corporation will bring close to 3 million guests to The Bahamas," added Duffy. "Collectively, we represent the single largest cruise company investor in The Bahamas," she added.

No concrete details and an exact timetable have been announced yet, but Bahamas Prime Minister Perry G. Christie already released a statement on Tuesday regarding the undertaking of the said project. She insinuated that the project would provide great benefits to the locals as the creation of the cruise facility would mean extensive employment and entrepreneurial opportunities, bringing the Bahamas on a whole other level of being an exciting tourist destination.

Necessary steps still have to be taken care of for the whole facility to completely pan out, like permitting and environmental studies. When finished, the new facility of the Miami-based cruise line is expected to host a million of guests annually.