When traveling to the United Kingdom, its culinary scene may not be on top of your priorities, unlike its other European neighbors, France, Spain, and Italy. But still, the traditional English fare is still worth trying out, their food mostly representing England's rich history and culture.

So the next time you're in town for a visit, go for a little food trip. English food is not bland and dull like others say, in fact, you might discover your next favorite dish! Here are some of the best foods you have to try in the UK:

Beef Wellington. Insider Travel reported this British take on the traditional steak is something you must not miss in England. Commonly served in upscale restaurants, Beef Wellington is a fillet of steak covered in with pâté and duxelles then wrapped in puff pastry. Crunchy on the outside, surprisingly juicy on the inside.

Haggis, Neeps and Tatties. Haggis is actually a Scottish exotic dish that is usually made with sheep's insides such as liver, lungs, and heart, added with some condiments such as onions, oatmeal, spices and some stock, according to Hand Luggage Only. It's surprisingly delicious and the English loved it served with Neeps, and Tatties. Add in some whiskey and you have yourself a full, hearty meal!

Shepherd's Pie. The English love meat-based pies, and this recipe is one of their classic favorites. The meat base is ground pork or beef topped with a heart mashed potato crust which is then baked to perfection. It's a British comfort food every traveler must try.

Full English Breakfast. Well, of course, the famous British breakfast must be included on this list. A typical hangover cure, this breakfast is loaded up with carbs and all kinds of breakfast food. Sausages, eggs, hash browns, tomatoes, beans, toast, and black pudding all in one plate? Never has breakfast been this satisfying.