Female travelers need to carry only one bag and at least seven pieces of a travel wardrobe. That's the simple idea behind this new travel clothing company for women that aims to help travelers pack light and still look fashionable.

The two female founders of the new travel clothing company called Unique Travel Set should know what they're talking about. One's a traveler and the other a fashion designer, according to Lonely Planet. The Croatian company claims they have the solution for busy women.

Inside this multifunctional bag of Unique Travel Set comes seven items such as a dress, belt, cap/scarf, long shirt/mini skirt dress, leggings, pants and removable sleeves. These pieces come in single colors such as diamond black, coal gray and golden beige. The travel clothing company's choice of a single color enables female travelers to mix and match them together. A well-chosen accessory can also transform the entire outfit into a brand new look people would think you've brought an entire wardrobe with you.

Designers of Unique Travel Set said the seven-item set can be put together in as much as 30 different combinations. They even showcased sample outfits that display how these mix and match items can be transformed into an elegant, comfortable and stylish look. So with a bag that weighs only 1.7kg, female travelers already have an entire wardrobe that's more than enough for 3-5 days of travel.

The travel clothing company compressed all the wisdom and travel tips of packing light. According to Huffington Post, packing light means a backpack or a suitcase that can be admitted as a carry-on. Travelers should also pack casual clothing in neutral shades that can easily be mixed and matched or layered.

Support Unique Travel Set on Kickstarter if you think it can solve your packing and traveling problems. The travel clothing company will start shipping in June once it hits its fund goal of $26,000. The expected retail price for Unique Travel Set is $350.