It comes with the trappings of the rich and famous. In a world ransomed by never-ending violence and highly organized terrorism, the rich and famous will pay anything for a bulletproof luxury car.

Bulletproof luxury cars cater to the fancies of the rich and famous. BMW has a Security Vehicles division which offers protection against attacks from a .44 Magnum, an automatic AK-47 and explosive devices. Mercedes' Maybach S600 Pullman Guard is heavily-armored with a VR10-level protection while the Land Rover's Range Rover Sentinel has a high-tech glass window that can open up to 3.9 inch - big enough for sliding documents.

According to Forbes, CEO Mark Burton of the International Armoring Corporation said about 80 percent of their clients come from the US. That's a significant increase compared to only three years ago when the company usually exported about 95 percent of its bulletproof luxury cars to non-US clients. Middle Eastern clients currently prefer Toyota Land Cruiser, Nigerians the Range Rover while Americans like Cadillac Escapade, Range Rover and Sprinter Van.

As a leading company for bulletproof luxury cars, International Armoring Corporation also offers custom options for the rich and famous to drive James Bond style. These include bomb blankets, road tacks, external microphone, run-flat tires, smoke screen, electric shock handles and even assault weapons. Burton thinks most of these James Bond style extras that people have seen in the movies are "actually all very practical."

The rich and famous also demand luxurious features such as suede upholstery, interior flatscreen TVs, massage chairs, premium paint jobs and night vision cameras, according to CNNMoney. Germany's Alpha Armouring said that celebrities and VIPS now make about 40 percent of their customers. Bulletproof luxury cars are no longer just for the heads of state, politicians and diplomats. Yet despite their immense wealth, Alpha Armouring owner Klaus Ackerman revealed the German government only allows the most secure of the bulletproof luxury cars to heads of state.