Flights are made to appear cheap on display. Once you decide to book, suddenly, the prices change as they drop or rise, making it difficult to make a decision and making the entire situation time-consuming. Travel website ixigo unveils its "Fare Intelligence" to help make decisions quicker for travelers by predicting possible fare amounts and alerting them to dropped fares for flights.

According to India Times, ixigo's "Fare Intelligence" uses "big data," a collection of previous trends, prices and metrics to help the website predict the possible future prices of a flight the traveler previously tried to book but found the price quite high. The mechanics of the feature is similar to online shopping portals alerting users about a product viewed having lower prices.

Daily News & Analysis India said ixigo conducted a study indicating that current flight fare prices are only the best with a 30 percent chance. Travelers who waited a bit more for fares to drop could have a 70 percent chance the fare is at a better price.

The travel portal then sends an alert once the website notices a shift in the prices of the previous flight viewed or taken by the traveler. It sends out an email or push notification indicating the prices had gone down for their prospective flight or flights if the traveler subscribes to multiple notifications.

The travel portal hopes that it would gain more users and better user loyalty in the near future. ixigo CTO & Co-Founder Rajnish Kumar said the new features essentially tell the website users to wait a bit after their flight search so they could have better deals on flights. Kumar added that immediate conversions are not the key to any user's heart but app's usefulness and the near-accurate fare prediction algorithm and alert them when the prices drop immediately.