Culinary's most amazing and most violent onscreen icon said his children are not allowed to travel first class with him. Gordon Ramsay has strong views toward money and his children should learn to work for their own should they want anything.

According to Travel and Leisure, Gordon Ramsay is worth $54 million, but he will not have any of his kids inherit his estate entirely. He said he did not want to be mean to his kids, but all he wanted was for them to learn that mastering their craft, as he did, and hard work are important. In fact, not letting them sit in First Class in a plane with him is because the children did not "[work] anywhere near hard enough to afford it."

Spoiling must be a taboo word for the 50-year-old celebrity chef. Famous for his fiery words, intelligent sarcasm and emulating real-world pushed-to-the-limits industry situations in the kitchen, to spoil someone, let alone an adult, must never be in Gordon Ramsay's vocabulary. Indeed, he does not want to spoil his children as well.

Birmingham Mail states that Ramsay turned to the chief stewardess attending to First Class employees that his children "[never] come near us" because "[he wants] to sleep on this plane." His reason: "I worked my f***king arse off to sit that close to the pilot." His reason also highlights that his children would appreciate this achievement as they grow and they achieve their own personal and fiscal successes.

Gordon Ramsay's $54 million estate and personal value did not arrive overnight; during his younger years in Glasgow, he was subject to abuse from his father, Gordon Sr. Upon moving out, he had faced different fiscal and personal dilemmas, forging him into the person he is today with skills to match.

All of Gordon Ramsay's children, 18-year-old Megan, 17-year-olds Jack and Holly, and 15-year-old Matilda, earn their own money. Gordon Ramsay said his children are quite grateful to him because they were not spoiled.