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National Cakes That Would Delight Travelers’ Taste Buds

Travelers Today       By    Chiqui Guyjoco

Updated: Apr 22, 2017 04:34 AM EDT

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Every country has something to offer. That includes a national cake that will surely be a treat for travelers with a sweet tooth.

Some of the national cakes recently featured by CNN are considered classic favorites of people across the globe. The Italian Tiramisu, which means "pick me up" has been lifting moods for people from all walks of life. Not everyone may know what Schwarzwalder Kirschtorte refers to but mention the Black Forest Cake and that chocolate cake with cherry toppings automatically come to mind. The Germans' authentic version adds a cup of cherry brandy.

New York's fad of cheesecake also spawned different versions of the classic dessert. It remains a favorite flavor for the modern taste buds. The French butter cakes, also known as Madeleines, are another classic favorites. Not that it needs a boost in popularity, but this national cake has references to literature. Novelist Marcel Proust transformed the act of eating the delicacy into "the Proustian moment."

Malaysia and Singapore both take pride in that green chiffon cake known Pandan Cake. The green color comes from the pandan leaf, a run-of-the-mill ingredient for the Southeast Asians. Pandan Cake may not be Malaysia or Singapore's designated national cake but the distinct taste of the pandan is reminiscent of the same flavoring that's distinct to the Southeast Asian cuisine.

Not to be outdone, Indonesia's Lapis Legit is something tourists must have a taste of. This layered cake, also known as Spekkoek, is the national cake in the archipelago. Celebrations won't be complete without the Lapis Legit on the table. According to The Jakarta Post, the cake can be pricey because baking the 18-22 layers can take hours.

Japan's Dorayaki may conjure images of the manga character Doraemon instead of the cake. Hong Kong's Ma Lai Go, on the other hand, is a sponge cake reminiscent of the Cantonese-style dim sum. Other national cakes mentioned in the list are New Zealand's Pavlova, Australia's Lamington, Mexico's Tres Leches Cake, Austria's Kaiserschmarrn, Uruguay's Postre Chaja, Denmark and Norway's Kransekage, Sweden's Swedish Princess Cake, Turkey's Baklava and Great Britain's Victoria Sponge.

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