Avid barbecue lovers flock to Memphis, Tennessee, and we don't wonder why. It's called the BBQ Capital of the World because of its unique, delectable, and mouthwatering take on any barbecue—and we all know that Americans love their meat.

You could spend days trying out the famed barbecue joints in Memphis, but there are some restaurants that stood out among the pack. You think Texan barbecue is the best? Come down to Memphis for a change of mind. Here are some of the best barbecue joints in the famed Tennessee city:

A&R Bar-B-Que. Even non-meat lovers will have a hard time turning their heads with the incredible smell coming from A&R bar-B-Que. They have the best ribs in Memphis, according to Travel Pulse, and the meat is so succulent it melts right in your mouth. This main dish is so good, you won't need sides.

Leonard's Pit Barbecue. You would never go wrong in Leonard's. They are one of the pioneers in Memphis-style barbecue, and up to this day, they have never lost the hype. According to The Culture Trip, they opened up in 1922, and they have been serving barbecue goodness ever since. Leonard's has been featured in several TV shows such as Food Network's Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives and Joe Murphy's barbecue documentary "Slow Food: Fast Times."

Central BBQ. If you could only go to one Memphis barbecue restaurant, then Central BBQ it is. You can choose a variety of smoked barbecue in their menu, but their bestseller, the pork plate, will leave you sticky and messy and wanting for more. Their secret? They smoke their barbecue for 14 hours, making sure every flavor is embedded deep in their meat.

Double J Smoke House and Saloon. For fantastic barbecue in a friendly, casual setting, head down to Double J's. Aside from the favorite barbecue classics, their menu also offers some unusual house specialties such as fried gator tail and smoked pork eggrolls. Craving for a barbecue brunch? No problem! Double J's brunch menu is specially catered for hungry brunch-loving customers.