A new kind of travel app introduced to the market just might overhaul the way tourist companies serve as tour agents. With Zeeno, travelers of all types can now book a local guide who speaks the language they want and offers the type of tours they want—all these with just a click of the fingers.

Real travelers know that there's so much more to traveling than just sightseeing and the convenience of getting to such tourist destinations. Traveling should not just be about the sights and trivia that one can easily look up to on the internet. It should also be about connecting with the locals, mixing with people of different backgrounds and sharing experiences together that all constitutes to building memories worth keeping for a lifetime - exactly what Zeeno, the new travel app, aims to achieve.

This mobile travel app gives the power of flexibility and control back to travelers. Once again, travelers can choose the schedule, place, and the type of activities they'd rather do, even the local guide who speaks their preferred language. Zeeno's reminding the traveling community there's no more need to book a tour in advance, stick to a predetermined schedule or put up with the overplayed transactional tours set up by tour companies.

Just like most of this year's best travel apps listed by Forbes, Zeeno can be downloaded via Apple Store and Google Play for free. It's also easy to use. Once you've had it downloaded, you just need to choose your preferred type of local tour and then book a local guide based on user reviews, the guide's biography and customized tours. You can then give instructions on where the guide should pick you up and make payments through the app. While different online tools serve to enhance the traveling experience, Zeeno redefines how traveling should be done.