For any travel and accommodations website service, the trust and rating system developed by each one plays an integral role in winning over customers and hosts to use the service. Largely-successful Airbnb depends on this type of system, which it has developed as well. Now, the brand is facing huge backlash over successful hackers who had performed "account takeovers" that use the trust and rating system to rob potential guests and hosts.

According to Buzzfeed, Airbnb Chief Technology Officer Nathan Blecharczyk said Airbnb's security model is effective in "stopping most account takeovers," because there would be instances that hosts and guests would have their accounts compromised. The CTO said they are "working around the clock" to ensure the security of their users.

Hackers are likely to target the accounts of top-rated Airbnb hosts and guests. The good reputation of guests' accounts allows them to win the trust of their host, to which the hacker would arrive, rob the host of their belongings, and suffer no consequence. Meanwhile, hacked hosts are used to swindle money from guests who would not see their booking confirmed.

As with any kind of account hacking nowadays, it is always malware, phishing and password dump that make it easier for unscrupulous individuals to hack accounts. Double-step security features that make use of a special mobile-only app, or phone call or text confirmation help avoid these issues. Airbnb features a two-factor authentication that activates once an unconfirmed device has accessed the account.

According to The Verge, the two-factor authentication is something Airbnb should have activated long ago. Most social media and email accounts from Facebook, Google and even Yahoo! make use of two-step features to disable hacking.

Airbnb said to enhance its securities, predictive models, machine learning, uncharacteristic behavior and other details are used to identify possible hacking activities. Its newest security update is updating via SMS users about changes made into their account to ensure hackers are stopped immediately as they begin to take over their account.