The "Wrecking Ball" singer Miley Cyrus was victimized by another hacker again. Her nude photos were posted online on the same site where the hacked photos of Emma Watson, Amanda Seyfried, and Demi Lovato were illegally posted.

With the exposure of her nude photos, the former Disney star is no longer self-conscious as she used to flaunt her body in public. Cyrus is proud of her body; she is fit and beautiful and she flaunts it whenever she can. Her high fashion photo shoots were mostly topless and show a lot of skin as per Comic Book.

The 24-year-old hitmaker attended Alexander Wang's warehouse party wearing only tassels over her breasts in 2014. Recently, she performed on stage with prosthetic breasts and a strap on a replica of the male reproductive organ.

Cyrus is not a neophyte when it comes to issues of her nudity because she can gamely undress for a photograph or a performance. The "We Can't Stop" singer is yet to issue a reaction statement regarding the hacking.

Aside from Cyrus, Amanda Seyfried was also victimized by the same hackers. Her private photos were reproduced and posted online. The actress sought legal help and her lawyers forced the site to remove her photos. Otherwise, her legal team will take the matter to court.

"Beauty and the Beast" star Emma Watson's photos were reportedly taken during "clothes fitting" as revealed by her representatives as reported by Daily Mail. The rep said that the nude photos she had with a stylist a couple of years ago have been stolen. 

Meanwhile, Billy Ray Cyrus' daughter is currently busy preparing for her upcoming wedding with the "Hunger Games" actor Liam Hemsworth. Speculations said that she has tied the knot with her fiancé in a private ceremony. Her father's post showing a photo of the "Love Money Party" singer in a white dress with a puzzling caption fired wedding speculations. But her mom said that Miley Cyrus is still very much engaged, so the wedding is still a thing to watch out.