The Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton, despite her royal stature, has her own share of personal struggles particularly with mothering and being a wife.The mother of two maintains an online account where she consults and shares her motherhood woes and even her personal dilemmas concerning her husband Prince William.

According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, Middleton maintains an account with Mumsnet, a motherhood board to run for help in case she has some mothering struggles. It is most likely that a highly-privileged mom who performs royal duties have struggles on how to raise Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

She uses a fictitious name to avoid detection and uses the account whenever she and her husband disagree on some parenting issues. The Duke and the Duchess of Cambridge have opposite childhood upbringing. Prince William has a stiff royal upbringing while the Middletons grew up with a hands-on mom.

A source revealed to Reveal Magazine, a publication in Britain that the 35-year-old mom posts questions on issues that they disagree upon about their kids. Followers of the royals understand her turning to an online forum as an anonymous. She has always been closely scrutinized since the time she married the prince. There is nothing about her that remains a secret, everything leaks to the public.

The site has not confirmed Middleton's account with them according to the above source but the report is based on a source that has the access to the royal family. New Statesman reported that Mirror, a publication based in the UK, carried the report writing, "Kate Middleton may live in a palace and be married to the future king, but apparently, she's just like millions of other moms out there, relying on the internet for childcare tips."

The source author wrote that she has been spying on Mumsnet's chat pages but she cannot pinpoint any thrown in question that belongs to the princess. She also mentioned Vogue's write-up that Kate Middleton admitted that parenting is really hard.

The writer further wrote that although Kate's children are far better than the ordinary kids and she has everything in life, her kids are the same as the other ordinary kids. They also have tantrums, moods, physical and mental developments that they have to cope.

Although her struggles are different from the rest of the mothers on the site, just the same, the problems about children are universal. Her difficulties with her husband are similar to the rest of the wives in the world when it comes to emotions and longings.

Kate Middleton is a remarkable mother trying to put equilibrium between being a wife and being a mother in the high echelon of society with prying eyes that never depart from her. She is an amazing woman in the eyes of her admirers.