The Atlanta Braves will be opening their new home, SunTrust Park, on Friday, and revelers can enjoy a nice pint of beer brewed from Braves' own baseball bats. In coordination with Terrapin Beer Company of Athens, Ga., the beer, branded as "Chopsecutioner," is aged from old Mizuno bats.

Brian "Spike" Buckowski told CBS Sports, "There's some waste from bats from when they spin them down or carve them down, and that's the product that we use to age the beer." He also mentioned that beer could be aged in any wood chips or spirals, and even honeycombs. Beer is also possible to age in wine and bourbon barrels and extract them there.

Buckowski said that after the Chopsecutioner is brewed and fermented, the company transfers the beer in the bats then cool them for aging. The process is being done inside of SunTrustPark where Terrapin Beer Company has its Brew Lab inside the stadium. They would also be offering various drinks like On Deck IPA and Swing Batter Brown Ale.

Fox News reported that Chopsecutioner is not the first beer to be brewed with baseball bats. The Left Hand Brewing of Longmont, Colo. started the beer aging in 2013 with Louisville Sluggers. But SunTrust Park will be considered as the first stadium to offer the product and incorporate it.

Buckowski mentioned that the Chopsecutioner is just around five percent alcohol which is better for sipping during the games. Their other drink, Hopsecutioner reaches seven percent and would really hit visitors to the stadium.

The beer is available throughout the home team's season in 2017 at the SunTrust Park. Before the new stadium, the Atlanta Braves played in the Turner Field from 1997 to 2016, where they played their last game at the Stadium on October 2, 2016, with the Detroit Tigers. The Braves' first regular game will be this Friday against the San Diego Padres.